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WINTER IS HERE: SL Saturdays Turns Up the Heat in June

We get it… It’s cold. Cheers mother nature. As I write this; there’s condensation on the nearby window and I can see a thin layer of frost on my car outside! Winter has certainly hit Adelaide hard and fast, and for many a motoring enthusiast out there; it either spells shed time or build time.

Not all of us though (as much as I’d love to see all of my project dreams reach fruition); even those stowing their rides away to endure the cold and wet weather will agree that one of the best things about being an enthusiast, particularly in a small city like Adelaide, is the mates we make along the way and the fun s**t we get up to together. For some – there’s the pub for a schnitty and a drink. For us – it’s Slowlife Saturdays and our cars.

The first edition of our ‘Winter Sessions’ braved rain, hail and finger-numbing temperatures to bring SA’s car community together and provide a little heat (via hot food and drinks anyway) to keep the scene alive when many are tempted to simply ‘rug up’ on the cold nights. Here’s how June’s event went down!

‘The rains are ‘ere, Marge!’ Image: Rapture Media

Although the actual turnout was not the usual ‘s**t, I gotta get there early to get a good park’ quantity; we were very surprised with how many Adelaidians came out with their rides to simply hang out in the cold! As 6PM rolled over Brickworks Marketplace; car after car began to creep into the car park to join us in some hot food (AB anyone?), coffee and of course some banter.

The rain was intermittent (we ran out from cover when we could to check out the cars in attendance) but light, which made for some epic meet photos. Rapture Media took the reigns of our meet coverage; partnered by new SL team addition Gridlocked Media and our beloved Castle Car Media (rain shots = mood/10).

Mood/10. Image: Rapture Media

This event was also the place to launch two new JDM-inspired slap stickers (alongside our array of Adelaide-based stickers and decals) and a very sought-after limited edition SL Saturdays sticker, which we’ll be doing a limited run of each month for you to collect in order to score an invitation-only experience with us in summer! We assure you that it’s going to be 11/10 worth it.

Each month we’re going to aim to release some new decals, slaps and window banners to keep our cars lookin’ fresh – purchasing our merch is how you support our events and fund our running costs (insurance for these ain’t cheap y’hear?) so we do what we can in terms of designs for you!

We think we need a bigger merch table… Image: Rapture Media

The JDM representation was very impressive (as it always is), and the rain made for some very picturesque images of some of the examples that came along. Notable among the cars we spotted was a gorgeous S13, a subtle Stagea and a tastefully graceful Supra A80. We love having the opportunity to see these Japanese icons in the flesh every month!

Of course SL Saturdays is all about every car (and bike), and we loved seeing all makes, models and eras grace through the Brickworks. We love seeing every Japanese, Euro, Domestic, Muscle, Vintage or any other four (or two) wheeled machine come through, and we’re already left excited for July.

JDM icons like this A80 Supra were aplenty. Image: Rapture Media

The slow life isn’t about having the fastest car or the most expensive or heavily modified; it’s about slowing down, embracing your passion and expressing yourself through your car – no matter what you drive. That’s what SL Saturdays is all about, so come along (even in your daily) to socialise, make friends, create memories, and help SA’s automotive community thrive!

See you next month, Adelaide. Hopefully our hands have thawed out by then…


Images by Rapture Media