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SLOWLIFE SATURDAYS: The Return of our Monthly Meet

It’s been over a year since our last Slowlife Saturdays. What was once planned to be a monthly event turned out to be a three-month-wonder, and it was all due to a combination of life getting in the way, bad weather, and a lack of motivation all-round. This was 2017 though, and that’s sooooo last year. It’s 2018 now, and it’s already June (that snuck up REAL quick). Winter is upon us, the weather has been awfully cold, it’s been raining… Why on earth would we choose now to host an event? Simple – because we can. Slowlife Saturdays is back, and we’re in it for the fun this time round.

The whole purpose of Slowlife Saturdays is simple – to get together with our community, showcase our cars, see the other cars out there, meet up with your friends, and get social. That’s the whole point of it. No feature cars, no themes, no excessive family-friendly activities – this event is about the cars and the community. They’ll occur rain or shine (car meets in the wet can be fun regardless, it’s the social aspect that we like to embrace the most) and we will aim to make them as consistent as possible, so you’ll always have something to go to and keep in touch with the Slowlife community and what we stand for. Slowlife was built upon getting together with our friends and our cars, and Slowlife Saturdays is a celebration of exactly that!

What you can expect at our events is simple. You’ll see our team doing what we love. You’ll be able to grab the latest Slowlife merchandise. You’ll be able to grab some food and drink with your mates. You’ll be able to showcase your car, and check out everything else that’s there. Our media team will work hard to get some decent images of the event, too! We can never predict which cars will be out and about, which brings about an element of surprise for us when some sensational builds come along, and we see them rolling into the venue. Each and every month is a mystery box for you and for us, which we think is pretty exciting from month to month.

The first edition of Slowlife Saturdays will be held from 6PM on this Saturday June 23rd at Brickworks Marketplace. We invite you to come grab a coffee, spend some time with us, have a bite to eat, and in the wise words of the legendary Magnus Walker; get out and drive. We will also be hosting a cruise to see off the evening, with the routes varying each time to explore the city and outer regions of Adelaide. We look forward to seeing you this Saturday, and remember that our team will be out rain or shine, so you’re always welcome at Slowlife Saturdays no matter what you drive!

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