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Slowlife Saturdays (October Edition): Meet Summary

It’s hard to believe that it’s already the end of October. Daylight savings is (finally) here, Christmas is fast-approaching, uni exams have been turning perfectly normal functioning young adults into antisocial hermits with a Mi Goreng problem… And some incredible builds are beginning to emerge from their cobweb-ridden garages.

Our monthly meet went full sp00k for the month of October, as the crew prepped for Halloween and got into the spirit at Brickworks Marketplace. We invited you to join in, and you didn’t disappoint at all! It was wonderful to see so many interesting outfits and modifications to make your car look genuinely terrifying. One of our *wider* crew cars had fitment that was so terrifying, in fact, that it’s didn’t rock up at all. We certainly know how to lead by example by rocking up to car meets in our daily drivers, right? Some of the cars we did see on Saturday night, however, were a very welcome sight. We had some new additions which we hadn’t seen around before, and we welcomed back some old friends too.

Sit yourself down for another 2am post-meet, caffeine and energy drink-fueled attempt at summarizing our monthly event into an article (with a few pictures, of course).

We’re into our fifth consecutive month of Slowlife Saturdays, and we’re beginning to get used to this whole consistency thing! We promised you a monthly event to bring the community together for some food, banter and car porn overdose, and we’re honestly shocked that we’ve actually managed to stick to our word. It was also our first event in a while to fall in daylight savings, which made for not only great photos, but an even greater turnout. We stood on top of one of our cars at around 7:30PM to see the car park almost completely full, and to know that so many have come together in one place to celebrate what we love most (cars, or memes, whichever you prefer really) was phenomenal.

The crew rolled up early to set up (as we always do) and the vibe was just different this month. We weren’t sure if it was the weather, or if one of us is some sort of mind-bending, mood-altering super being. It’s more than likely the weather, but this is still open for investigation. The vibes were just generally great, and we were excited to see all of the cars that could rock up! We had decided, of course, to rep only the finest Halloween attire in town, and by attire, we mean outfits that don’t even correspond to anything remotely spooky. We just like Kanye, okay? Chris and Jayce needed an excuse, and this was the perfect opportunity to create dank music videos (and end up on ShitAdelaide by driving around in a convertible Astra wearing an Ofo helmet…don’t ask).

The Slowlife Girls were also getting into the Halloween spirit, and now we have fake blood smeared absolutely E V E R Y W H E R E and had to call our mums to help us wash our clothes because Oxy-San ain’t helping.

As the clock moved past 6PM, the cars began to roll in, and they rolled right the f**k in, too. A few of us stood near the entrance to the car park to watch the cars enter, and we noticed that the quality this month was absolutely exceptional. JDM legends, Australian classics, even Rat Rods made it along to our October edition of SL Saturdays, and there were too many cars for us to concentrate on!

We did, however, expect a few specialties to come along. One such specialty was the track-ready, turbocharged, Rocket Bunny V2 BRZ created by our friends at Autolinc. We’ve wanted to see this bad boy in person since seeing it at a Downshift event earlier this year, and we were beyond impressed! Converting an 86/BRZ to anything worthy of a decent power output isn’t exactly a simple or cheap exercise, and the attention to detail throughout the car gave us inspiration to squeeze some notable figures out of our own 86 (that wasn’t an invitation for help Autolinc, we promise)!

It was also a delight to see our October feature car roll into the car park. It’s not hard to spot the glimmering teal paintwork of Nick’s TVR Tuscan, and the community was finally able to see it in the flesh. Nick has been enjoying his first couple of weeks with the car since its restoration, and it brought a smile to our faces to see him beaming at his pride and joy alongside a flock of (very) excited meet-goers.

Nick’s TVR used to frequent our meets back in the days that we called the SA Aquatic and Leisure Centre our home (we out-grew the 400 capacity venue long ago unfortunately), and it brought back a lot of memories to see the car parked with us once more. It’s an emotional rollercoaster to read about Nick’s time with this car, and you can read all about here.


Other notable cars in attendance included Kyle’s freshly-purchased Toyota Crown Majesta (if you haven’t seen one of these in the flesh before, it’s pretty much as VIP as VIP gets), Matty’s AE86 Levin, a very clean classic mustang with a front end which leaves us thinking about Tokyo Drift again, and countless other classic, JDM and European examples to leave us wondering if it’s time to trade in our cars just yet.

That’s what we love most about SL Saturdays, though. It’s not planned. Well, it is, but the cars aren’t. We never know what to expect, and to see some of these cars in the flesh honestly makes us feel privileged to be in their presence. Every car has a story, and we love to hear them. We heard a lot of great stories about your builds on Saturday night, and we encourage you to send us a message and tell us all about yours!

We would like to extend a massive thanks to Brickworks Marketplace for allowing us to use their facilities for these events. Without the amazing and generous team here, we wouldn’t be able to get these Saturdays off the ground. It’s actually really difficult to find venues which are as generous as this, and we are very grateful for this opportunity. We hope that you can understand how much this means to our community, and we encourage you to stop by the Brickworks at any time to support their local businesses. We’re local, so you could even catch us here!

For now, though, it’s about time we started prepping for our next event which is just three weeks away. We’re taking on the Adelaide Auto Expo again this year, and you’ll be able to catch our crew out in full force both inside and outside Jubilee Pavilion on Friday the 16th and Saturday the 17th of November. On the inside, you’ll be able to catch some of our own crew’s builds alongside some special guests, and on the outside we want YOU to enter our club display in the Show & Shine! It’s an event which we always look forward to every year, and we are looking for more cars to join us, so you can read all about it and enter your car here.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend and the week ahead, Adelaide. It’s been great this month, and we can’t wait to see you again real soon. See you at the Adelaide Auto Expo!



Images: Rapture Media