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Slowlife Saturdays: June Edition – Event Summary

When we sat down a couple of months ago and had a good, hard look at ourselves and where Slowlife was heading, it was unanimous that we all wanted one thing – to return to the way we used to be, or at least to some capacity. When Slowlife first began back in 2014, all we ever did was meets, meets, and more meets. We cruised the streets of Adelaide, explored the hills, and hard-parked in just about any car park we could find. Life was simple, fun and we always looked forward to what we were going to do next (and it was likely to be exactly the same as we did last time). It was then that we decided that we were going to do exactly that, and just hold a meet. Any meet. Just a goddamn meet. But wait – oh, the name! That’s cool, we just dug up an old name from last year which we thought to be rather fitting – Slowlife Saturdays.

Our monthly mega-meet idea was something we actually procured last year, which lasted for a whopping three months. WOW. We promised you monthly meets for the rest of 2017 and look how that ended up.

Complete. Disaster.

That’s okay though, because here we are back at the start line, with an event under our belt. We kicked off the first edition of Slowlife Saturdays for 2018 in June (better late than never, right?), and we’re pretty confident that it went pretty well! A meet with little fuss, some dope cars, a two-legged cruise (we don’t usually do that so feel special okay) and enough yiros/ABs to give anybody the breath to repel even the thirstiest of nightclub patrons at three in the morning.

Our venue of choice for Slowlife Saturdays this year is Brickworks Marketplace. We absolutely love this location simply because, well, it’s f**kin’ awesome. Our cars don’t scrape entering and exiting, there are no annoying driveways, no speed bumps (which destroy our cars), pot holes, it’s decently lit (not lit as in shit’s lit fam but lit as in like, lighting) and the local food traders have some great options and are happy to look after us all.

We can’t thank the Brickworks Marketplace team enough for their hospitality, and we really hope that we can come back again really soon! We’d also like to extend a shoutout to Yiros Central for throwing us a kickass special (free coffee with a Yiros, can’t go wrong with that bad boy) to keep us fed for the night.

As for the cars – well, we’re beyond impressed with the sheer diversity of what came along! Sure, it’s no Cars & Coffee Blackwood event, but that’s not the point. The point of Slowlife is that we welcome you regardless of what car you have. You could be driving your mum’s Camry Vienta or your $80K+ built RB26TT monster, and we’d treat you just the same. We just want to meet up with those who love the car community here in Adelaide, and celebrate the things that we love.

Seriously though; we were impressed with some of the cars we saw. Lowriders, exotics, stance, muscle, JDM, Euro, domestic… It was there. A special mention must go to the ‘Billet’ GT-R which showed up though. Seriously dude; we want to meet you and share some spaghetti with you (maybe even take pictures of your car and find out what the F**K is under that hood of yours?). A red (yes, R E D) Audi R8 made an appearance at the end point of our cruise, and we were just a little bit keen to take a seat inside and get comfortable! Hydraulics also seem to be making a comeback, too… We really hope they are, because we enjoyed seeing some bounce action.

If you missed this edition of Slowlife Saturdays, don’t stress. It’s okay. Strap yourself in and prepare yourself, because we will be bringing you another event next month, and we’ll release the confirmed details as soon as we can. We also had what’s left of our merchandise store almost sell out on the night, as we make room for some cool new designs in our sticker and clothing range in the coming weeks. It was a great opportunity to catch up with the SL crew in a casual environment where we aren’t stressing out about parking cars or running a larger event. We loved meeting and chatting with so many of you about your builds, your progress, and even giving some advice about photography, performance and cosmetic mods!

We’ll be back with another edition of Slowlife Saturdays really soon, we promise. For now; prepare your body for some of these images from our very own Rapture Media, who managed to get around twenty images looking good out of the 800 absolutely s**t-house low light images he managed to take. Keep an eye out on our Facebook for some updates, don’t break your car, and always wear protection. Peace out.