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Slowlife Saturdays (July Edition): Event Summary

Last year, we promised you that we would bring you a meet every month of the year, and be a little more consistent so that you had at least something to do between our larger events. We created Slowlife Saturdays; our monthly mega-meet, and two meets later, it dropped off. Nailed it, right? Well here we are after meet #2 in a row for Slowlife Saturdays in 2018, and we have no intention of slowing down at all! Our July event went exceptionally smooth (maybe apart from four firetrucks rocking up and one of us having a yiros fall apart which was truly upsetting), so here’s a brief summary for those who couldn’t make it, or for those who are probably just killing time at work at the moment and sitting on our website.

Our July edition of Slowlife Saturdays was met with questionable weather earlier in the day, which (luckily) cleared by the afternoon. It left us somewhat optimistic that our hard-parking, mass-food-consumption extravaganza was going to be dry at the very least. We were ready for this – the venue was locked in (we love you Brickworks Marketplace), we had arranged for toilets to be open (sorry for last month, oops), and our cars were clean. Sort of.

We made it down early to set up and grab ourselves a bite to eat, and spend an obscene amount of time looking at each other’s new Slowlife Crew hoodies (yes, we’re THAT excited about our new look for the colder months). Soon enough, the cars started rolling in. Slowly but surely – we were fast filling the Brickworks Marketplace car park. We love this venue for a number of reasons – firstly; it’s smooth, so that the lower cars can get in and around with ease (we take this stuff into consideration with our venues). We also love the venue because there’s a great selection of food, and it’s generally well lit in the darker hours!

Speaking of lit… We had a surprise appearance from around four fire trucks. We initially thought it was because our meet was that lit (that joke has grown REALLY old by now), but in reality it was simply a fire alarm which wanted to party on with us all night long. It was definitely a bit of entertainment though, we don’t deny that.

As for the cars – well, there was everything in all honesty. As usual, there was JDM left, right and centre. We’d also like to extend thanks to Subaru Scene South Australia and and 86/BRZ Adrenaline Club for rallying their troops and showing in numbers! There was plenty of European (including a gorgeous Porsche GT3), and some genuine classics such as a near-factory spec Mark II Corona (we don’t see those very often nowadays) and our favourite hydraulic-powered Cadillac! This is what we love most about hosting meets; it gives us a reason to come out every month and socialise and see some cool cars while we’re at it.

Slowlife Saturdays is set to return in August, and we will get an event date to you soon! Until then; enjoy some images from our media team and join us in our anticipation for the next meet.



Images by Rapture Media, Gorecki Photography, Tier One Photography & Sebastian Axyl Photography