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Slowlife Saturdays (August Edition): Event Summary

Another month has passed, and it’s been a big month in all honesty! Apart from getting our August edition of SL Saturdays together; we’re been hard at work behind the scenes preparing for the summer months, getting our builds ready, doing shoots, and even relocating our Slowlife office space! August has been busy but kind to us, and we’re stoked to be finally seeing some less dreary weather. Let’s not wander, though, and chat about this month’s Slowlife Saturdays event.

It’s the third month that we’re kicked off with SL Saturdays, and it’s great to be restoring a level of consistency to our events. We’re already well ahead of our 2017 quota of SL Saturdays meets with a staggering three in a row (don’t make us repeat how ~successful~ last year went for us). The Brickworks Marketplace has been by far the best venue we’ve used in a long time, and we’re looking forward to working with the team at Brickworks Marketplace again to bring our next monthly meet together!

This time round; we were a little more organised than usual. We had Zambrero, Yiros Central and Oasis Pizza on board as our resident food vendors, and they were giving us a hand with some food specials to keep us all thiCCC for the night. Out of our love for doggos, we also brought along some dog treats and a water bowl to keep our four-legged friends happy (we also wanted to cuddle them okay). We introduced some new merchandise options (don’t forget that you can go to our store to order them at any time of the day or night if you can’t make it out to meets) which seem to be hugely popular, and we managed to capture some pretty great images too!

A massive thanks to everybody for being generally well behaved, and not creating too much of a hassle for us. There were a few *talented* individuals who seem to think that the exit point of a meet is a catwalk of egotistical morons with no concern for the safety of others, and we’ll be monitoring exit points very carefully from now on to ensure that this stupid behaviour doesn’t continue. Perhaps it doesn’t occur to you that your dumbass s**t is the reason venues reject car meets nowadays?

Let’s make Slowlife the point of difference, and show the world that the car scene isn’t a bunch of hoons and idiots with no concern for others. It’s only a select few who decide that stupidity is the option, so for those who do the right thing, THANK YOU. It means a lot. SAPOL are absolutely brilliant, though. We had a casual visit later in the night, and it was one of the new ZB Commodore patrol cars! We got a few pictures, and it was great to see the new car up close and have some parents get pictures of their kids with the car!

On another note; THE CARS. We had some really unique and cool cars in attendance, and we’re wrapped with the turnout! The event saw an estimated 800 vehicles throughout the night, and we couldn’t be happier with the numbers. There was everything – JDM, Muscle, Exotic, Euro… The possibilities are limitless with these monthly meets, and we’re always excited to see what shows up.

That’s the thing with meets – they may not be grand or detailed, but they’re certainly a mystery box in terms of what cars to expect, and it leaves us impressed month in, month out. Hell, Cornes Toyota even brought out the brand new Corolla for us to check out! It’s less than a week old, and it was already turning some heads. We were impressed at how cool the Corolla actually is now.

Slowlife Saturdays is a great way for us to get out and catch up with our friends. Some of us don’t get out much between work during the month, so we reserve this night for a time to let go, chill out, and live in the moment with our mates and our cars. That’s the entire point of these meets – to be social. We don’t book in feature cars or make a fuss, because that isn’t the point of SL Saturdays. The point of SL Saturdays is to do what we did in the very beginning – to have fun, relax, and admire the cars that Adelaide has to offer.

Until next month, Adelaide. It’s been great. <3