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SLOWLIFE SATURDAYS: A New Look and Feel for 2019

Slowlife Saturdays is probably the most consistent thing we’ve ever done, in all honesty. In February 2017 we promised you that we’d bring you a meet every month to keep the car community engaged (even during the winter months), and we may or may not have failed after two meets in 2017. We had another crack in June 2018… And we’ve managed to host an event every month apart from January 2019, and that was because we were recovering from SlowCase and straightening out some kinks to make the events greater for the remainder of 2019.

With the February and now March events returning the SL Saturdays name to automotive event calendars in 2019; it’s time that we gave our monthly meet and greet a fresh coat of paint and change things up a bit – because we did ask you after all…

For those who may be new to Slowlife and what we do; Slowlife Saturdays is a monthly celebration of the motoring culture we have here in Adelaide that falls on the last Saturday of every month. It’s not a show, it’s not a race, it’s a networking event to bring SA’s car community out of the garage, onto the streets, and all into one place to unite over our mutual love for cars (and bikes) in a safe, controlled environment. We work tirelessly every month to ensure that the events are catered for with all things considered including:

  • Food and beverage options (with monthly specials)
  • Toilets, changing facilities and other amenities
  • Security
  • Lighting
  • Seating and undercover areas
  • A smooth road surface (for those with ‘sensitive’ cars)
  • A central location

The recently-revamped Brickworks Marketplace is our home for Slowlife Saturdays and has been since 2018. The team at the Brickworks including the center management, business owners, food traders, security and other staff have been nothing but generous and supportive of our community; and we couldn’t be more thankful for their support for our events for almost a year.

Each and every month we see a turnout of cars from all corners of the globe; modified in all sorts of ways, new and old, and diverse in taste and culture. The enthusiasts behind the wheel of these machines are each equally as proud of what they own as everybody else in that car park – exceeding 500-700 vehicles each month.

This is what the event is all about – encouraging enthusiasts and cars from any walk of life to come together in one place, and to take pride in their car, meet other enthusiasts, enjoy time with their friends and families, and celebrate the passion which we all share together.

Starting in April 2019 we’re giving SL Saturdays a fresh look and feel – and it’s not just a pretty face, either! We want to make our events more consistent, fun, engaging and enjoyable (and keep them free for you), but we also want to help the wider community, too.

Here are some of the things we’re doing to make the event that little bit better:

  • More diverse cruise routes travelling to destinations we haven’t visited before;
  • Putting the decisions in your hands – you decide where we go and what we do;
  • Special guest and feature cars to showcase each month and introduce to the community;
  • Increased media capacity with more resident photographers to capture as many cars as possible;
  • A friendly and helpful team to provide you with any information about our events, and to point you in the right direction of anything you need;
  • Inviting a nominated charity to attend each month, so that our community can give back to the wider Adelaide community;
  • Closer cooperation with SA Police to encourage positive interaction between police and the car community with the encouragement of community-based policing methods to reduce the fear and anxiety experienced by members of the car community about vehicle defects;
  • An increased emphasis on anti-hooning, and a clear message in that any car or bike found to be driven improperly at a Slowlife event will be reported to police, and the community as a whole is encouraged to aid us in doing so;
  • Increased involvement of local businesses and workshops to bring their workmanship and products to the community, and encourage support of the local economy; and
  • A ‘Car of the Month’ initiative to encourage unique and interesting builds to come out, and reward owners for their commitment to being different.

In early February Slowlife released a survey for the community to fill out about everything we do, and we meant it when we said we were going to listen to you. All of the above changes were suggested by you – we didn’t come up with any of this ourselves. We made a promise that we would become a voice for you and that we would encompass what you wanted, and this is us keeping that promise.

We want Slowlife Saturdays to continue to grow and thrive, and our vision is for SL Saturdays to become an event which the community can feel one hundred percent confident in bringing their build to, for that one night once per month, to showcase and enjoy. We want to become a monthly hub for the entirety of the SA car community, and we want to transform the culture here in SA to encourage diversity and oppose hooning, irresponsibility behind the wheel, and immature behavior. We want to be what the car community should be – peaceful, diverse, respectful and accepting of anybody and everybody so long as they share our values and our passion.

Ladies and gentlemen of the SA car community; we introduce to you Slowlife Saturdays – The Monthly Celebration of SA Motoring Culture.

See you on the 27th of April from 6PM at Brickworks Marketplace!


March 2019 Event | Photographer: Rapture Media