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Slowlife #1: Event Details & SlowCase Entry Form

After six months living the slow life ourselves; we thought it was about time to make our comeback to Adelaide’s car scene, and this time, we’re going all in. Gone are the days of over-filling public car parks, waiting for the lights to switch on, receiving noise complaints from the local residents, having to find the nearest servo to use the toilet, scraping our rides getting over the speed bumps on the way in… the list goes on. This time, we’re doing things a little different, and by different, we mean taking our events off the street and into a more suitable venue. Our venue? The centrally-located, flat-surfaced, toilet-inclusive, well-lit, non-scrapey Adelaide Showgrounds, of course. We decided that pun-tastic names were getting a bit old too; so we just called it ‘Slowlife’. Why? Because when your friends ask you what you’re up to and you say “I’m heading to slowlife”; there’ll be no confusion. For the first time; we’re hosting a show and a meet simultaneously, and right next to each other. For those who want to showcase their car among all the action and to be in the running to receive awards in numerous categories; the option is open. For those who prefer the more laid-back meet experience, or if you don’t think your car/bike is up to scratch for a show quite yet; we’ll still have the classic slowlife meet right outside. It’s our way of catering to everybody, and ensuring that nobody feels out of place at slowlife.


Venue: Adelaide Showgrounds (Rose Terrace Entry)

Date: Saturday October 28th 2017

Time: 5pm – Midnight

SlowCase Bump-In: 3pm-4:30pm

Toilets: Yes

Food & Drink: Yes

SlowCase Vehicle Entry: $15

Meet Entry: Free

SlowCase General Admission: Gold Coin


A new era of Slowlife demands a new venue – and we’ve managed to bring you the opportunity to celebrate our automotive lifestyle with us at the centrally-located Adelaide Showgrounds. We’re located in the northern side of the showgrounds, and SlowCase vehicles enter via the Rose Terrace gates (near the ferris wheel). We’ll be hosting a meet just outside – we’ll be getting further details regarding which specific car park we’ll be utilizing for the meet closer to the date. This venue is absolutely perfect for our community – it’s equipped with bathrooms, sufficient lighting, food, drinks, a licensed bar, and a perfectly paved surface so that those living the lowlife won’t have a hard time parking up. This is all thanks to our event sponsor Food Truck Movement – Adelaide’s original permanent food truck park. Yes- that’s where all the food is coming from, too.


Inside the walls of the showgrounds you’ll find SlowCase – our premier vehicle showcase where you’ll have the chance to showcase your car and be judged by an independent panel of judges in numerous categories. Winners of these categories will receive trophies and commendation for their efforts in the evening presentations, and will have an opportunity to speak about their build to the community. We’ll announce judging categories closer to the event, and also introduce you to the vehicle judges who will be going over your vehicle with a fine-toothed comb in search of Adelaide’s finest examples. You’ll also find local automotive businesses showcasing their latest builds, products and services; with live start-ups, demonstrations and information sessions to keep you entertained throughout the night. Seating and tables will be provided, and you’ll also find yourself listening to live music provided by 100 percent local talent. SlowCase is our new premier automotive show, and we want to showcase Adelaide’s finest selection of cars and bikes. It doesn’t matter what it is, where it’s from, or when it was made; what does matter is if you’re willing to showcase your car alongside Adelaide’s best to celebrate the blood, sweat and tears that you’ve put into your build, or share your vehicle’s story with us all. JDM, Euro, Muscle, Domestic, Exotic… It really doesn’t matter. If you love your car and you’ve got a story to tell; we want you at slowlife. You’ll find the entry form to the SlowCase event at the bottom of the page, where you can upload an image of your ride for us to see.


What’s slowlife without a meet? It’s okay, we couldn’t possibly forget where we started, and we’re always going to be having meets like we always have. Sometimes the show lifestyle isn’t for everybody, and we get that. Sometimes your ride may be a build in progress or perhaps it’s off the road. Perhaps you’re just bringing your daily out and want to see your friends. You may not even have a ride at all, and just want to see some of Adelaide’s car scene doing what it does best. Whichever reason it may be; there’s always the classic slowlife meet to accommodate everybody, and we can’t wait to see you there.


Entry to SlowCase costs $15. Your entry will be subject to approval prior to the event, as we are expecting many entries whereas we only have limited spots to offer in the space provided. SlowCase vehicles must be bumped into the event between 3:00 and 4:30pm on Saturday the 28th of October, and will be bumped out at midnight to ensure safety to other vehicles and foot traffic. If you require an early bump-out time, or have any other special requests; please email admin@slowlifeau.com (following the acceptance of your entry) and we will do our very best to accommodate your needs at the event. We understand that not everybody can work within these times, so we’re happy to help and be flexible in any way we can. The first approval round of emails will be distributed on Monday September 25th, the second on October 9th, and the final on October 23rd. Any entries submitted will receive a response regarding their entry on the date of the next approval round.

We wish you the best of luck, and we look forward to seeing your entry!

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