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SLOWCASE: Slowlife’s Comeback a Roaring Success

We’ve hosted a lot of events in our time. Since 2014, we’d say it’s been close to thirty including monthly meets, mini meets and cruises. Last Saturday, we tried something new, and we’re confident in saying it was without a doubt our best event yet. Let’s talk SlowCase.

Since our inception in 2014; the small group of friends founding Slowlife saw SL transition to a large team of passionate volunteers (among many other changes) but despite of these changes, there was a single idea that remained consistent for over three years; to host our own automotive showcase and a meet side by side. After what ended up being six months absent from SA’s automotive event scene, what a better way to make a comeback than to make our three-year old idea a reality? Being the typical Slowlife team; it wasn’t long until the puns started flowing, and ‘SlowCase’ was born.

We have always wanted to depart our ‘shopping centre carpark’ styled venues and deliver our events from different and unique venues around the city, and it was hard to pass up the opportunity to work alongside Food Truck Movement at their facilities at the Adelaide Showground. This was our location of choice for our first SlowCase event, and we’re delighted in agreeing that it was a roaring success.

Hosting a show and a meet simultaneously was always going to be quite the challenge, and our team was well-equipped to take it on. It was something we had never done before, and there was quite the learning curve for many of us in terms of bringing an event together of this scale. Fortunately for us; we all pulled it together in time for Saturday, and the feeling we got when we looked over the packed SlowCase arena was beyond sensational.

Although our day began much earlier for setup; it all kicked off at the Showgrounds from 5pm. SlowCase saw cars from all walks of life roll through the gates; from European classics to JDM icons, popular domestics and even an impressive line-up of track cars. An array of drift cars from Drifting SA could be seen (and heard) on display, and the team from SA Time Attack were also down on the day promoting their upcoming event on November 18th and showcasing some of their entrants’ cars. One particular car on display, however, seized most of our attention at 8pm when 1000hp of straight-piped RB26 power roared to life for a live demonstration. Jake Jones; internationally renown as ‘Driftsquid’, ripped up Sydney Motorsport Park at World Time Attack Challenge, and to see Jake and his RB26-powered M3 in the flesh was truly extraordinary (and considerably loud).

SlowCase wasn’t simply a showcase of vendors and sponsors though – the quality (and quantity) of cars seen displaying both inside the SlowCase arena and in the meets outside the gates was truly sensational. What we wanted to deliver to our SlowCase entrants was a sense of prestige and quality, and we really hope that we fulfilled those promises! Upon entry; each entrant was presented with a Slowlife-branded envelope. Inside the envelope, entrants would find a special edition SlowCase sticker for their car and an invitation (which prepaid entrants presented at the gate for entry).

A little behind-the-scenes insight on these little things; it took us over five hours to prepare all of these invitations to send out, and the post office thought that they were wedding invitations when we sent them out and put wedding and love-themed stamps all on the envelopes (we are SO sorry).

The presentation of the cars we saw was nothing short of inspiring. Japanese, Euro, Exotic, Classic… It was all there, and this was just on the inside. Outside the gates, the car quality that Adelaide brought out was impressive at the very least, and left us looking forward to our next event. Speaking of next event – we’re already planning our next one, so keep your eyes peeled for the announcement.

We would like to extend a massive thankyou to the following sponsors for helping us make this event possible:

Dizzi Decalz

Automotive Therapy

ULX110 Motor Oil


AV-DC Audio

Drifting SA

SA Time Attack

However, we must offer a special thanks to Food Truck Movement. Without FTM, we wouldn’t have been able to secure the showgrounds for this event, and make quite the impact that we did. FTM worked consistently alongside us leading up to the event and assisted us in everything from arranging for the boom-gates to be raised for the parking facilities, to organising live music and entertainment to accompany the fantastic food and beverage options they had available. If you were impressed by the quality and range of food at the event – FTM is open every Saturday night, and we intend on returning on a frequent basis for mini-meets on our Saturday nights.

We must also congratulate the winners of our trophies at the event! We like to award those who deliver truly unique builds, and a panel of judges selcted from both our sponsors and our team assisted in deciding who took home a special award. Each winner took home a crystal trophy and a SlowLife feature shoot by Urban Images and Rapture Media. The winners were:

Best in Show | Jarret Pinksterboer – 1975 Porsche Targa 911S

People’s Choice | Rubens De Paula Sales – R34 GT-R

Best JDM | Richard Edwards – FD RX7

Best Euro | Geof Tartoosie – Porsche 356

Best Four Door | Rob ‘Spike’ Norton – Evo IX

Best Stance  | Martin Cunningham – Lexus LS490


As we reflect on what couldn’t have been a better comeback; we invite you to join us in checking out some of the great images taken at the event by our official media team. We’ll be back with another event real soon, and we guarantee that it’s going to be on the same level (if not greater). It’s been a pleasure, Adelaide. We’ll see you soon.



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