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SlowCase II: We Hit 2018 Running (Or Rolling?)

It’s almost been a month since we started awkwardly etching number 7 into an oddly-shaped 8 on our dates, and as we reflect on how our first month of 2018 went, we can’t help but smile and feel excited for what lays ahead. We’re smiling because we successfully hit 2018 running (or rolling) with our first event of the year – the second installment of our automotive showcase – dubbed ‘SlowCase’. A twilight evening celebration of the individuals, cars, businesses and community of the Adelaide car scene; SlowCase is our way of bringing our community together to showcase their street, track or daily builds to the world – and catch a glimpse of some rarities, too. Here’s how our first event of the year went down:

It all fell on the evening of Saturday January 13th. The week had seen some sketchy weather – like, we’re talking gale-force winds, heavy rainfall and pretty much anything that you don’t want for a car show. Luckily for us, it all decided to clear up literally hours beforehand; leaving us with a bright orange sunset, dry pavers and a very picturesque setting for our event at the Adelaide Showground. Preparation for the event wasn’t a simple task, either.

Our team worked tirelessly for weeks leading up to the event to ensure only one thing; that the event we brought to you was nothing short of perfect. The food, the lighting, the demonstrations, the entertainment – each and every aspect of SlowCase was planned just for you. At Slowlife, we aim to bring high-end events to the car community, and we hope that we delivered on our promise.

From 5pm, we filled the Adelaide Showground (and its outer car parks) with cars of all makes, models and eras. Stock rarities, customized classics and some truly unique vehicles were found at SlowCase, which left us absolutely awe-struck with the fact that these cars were out and about in Adelaide! The turnout was predominantly JDM (to no surprise), and we were privileged to see some truly special builds.

Our recent feature car, Vinh’s widebody WRX, was in its full glory and aired out in the centre of the SlowCase. It was the first time that many had seen this car up close, and it certainly drew a crowd. Another car fresh to our events was Matty’s AE86; which had undergone a complete restoration with much JDM-inspired customisation. Drifting SA was present in force; with many of their renown drift cars out on display with the drivers keen to chat about their art.

On the other hand – the European cars on show were just gorgeous. Notable the minute you walked into SlowCase was an epic display of all three variants of the Mercedes Benz C63 507 range; coupe, sedan and estate. These vehicles were kindly brought along by our friends at Mercedes Benz Unley, and offered spectators a chance to get up close and personal with the C63 variants. If you’ve seen a Mk7 Golf R cruising around town making more crackle sounds than a fresh bowl of rice bubbles; it’s probably the Haines Mechanical Mk7. We were very excited to hear this car approaching the showgrounds as we were setting up, and it sat alongside an array of Volkswagen, Audi and BMW models to represent our much loved Euro arm of Slowlife.

The Slowcase saw in excess of a hundred cars parked in near-perfect formation to create a truly unique and somewhat serene vibe among an ocean of people and cars. What added to the atmosphere, and who we can’t thank enough for helping us bring this event together, was the variety of vendors and sponsors (consisting of local automotive businesses) displaying their latest builds and products, and in some cases, providing live demonstrations.

Our major sponsor Dizzi Decalz provided a vinyl wrapping workshop for those interested in learning the rapidly-popular trend of vinyl wrapping your car. In the time that SlowCase was open; Spyro managed to perform a roof wrap on a VE SS and a bonnet/mirror wrap on a Focus ST. Situated right next door was workshop Automotive Therapy; of which recently had their most prominent vehicle wrapped in a satin khaki green; adding a somewhat military vibe to the car. Our long-time friends at Custom Importz came and represented their brand by showcasing their latest builds, and also provided a (seemingly adored) demonstration of a Bee-R rev limiter on their prominent mint green R32.4. Local audio installation specialists AV-DC provided a demonstration of their latest sound system builds and offered tech advice to spectators who were after taking their I.C.E to the next level.

One sponsor in particular, though, was Drift Bunny Decals. We had heard of their holographic and bright-colored accessories for a while, and when we met May and the team at World Time Attack Challenge in 2017, we just had to have her over at SlowCase! Drift Bunny hails from the distant realm of Perth. Having flied to Adelaide for the event; we’re very thankful that Drift Bunny could be on board, and we’re even more excited that we could collaborate with them to produce a once-off exclusive run of iconic JDM stickers. To have the Slowlife name paired with Drift Bunny is an absolute privilege, and words can’t express our excitement to know that we have crossed borders to make things happen between two brands.

As the night rolled on, we ended the evening with the presentation of numerous awards for standout cars. These categories were judged by our sponsors, and featured prize packs and vouchers for the winners.

We would like to congratulate the following trophy winners:


BEST IN SHOW: Angelo’s 1968 Firebird

Sponsored by Dizzi Decalz


BEST JDM: Lana’s R32.4 Skyline

Sponsored by Drift Bunny Decals


BEST EURO: Mat’s BMW E60 5-Series

Sponsored by Automotive Therapy



Sponsored by Slowlife


BEST PERFORMANCE: Nissan S15 (1J Swap)

Sponsored by Custom Importz


BEST COSMETIC: Vinh’s Widebody WRX

Sponsored by Redefined Detail


BEST MUSCLE: Angelo’s 1968 Firebird

Sponsored by ULX110 Custom Blend Oils


BEST INTERIOR/ICE: Matt’s Toyota Supra

Sponsored by AV-DC


With another show done and dusted, we’re left excited for the year ahead. SlowCase was the best possible way for us to start the year. It left the team feeling motivated to kick some serious goals this year – including getting our next event underway! It’s on this note that we big you farewell, and we can’t wait to catch you for more events in 2018.




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