SEPTTEMBER: The Event Lowdown

It’s been a while since our last major event… Unfortunately, we were out of puns for the majority of August, but we managed to pull through with ‘Automotive SmAUGUSTbord’ as a mini-meet for the month. However, what we really missed was having a really huge night of unique cars, coffee, food and fun! The team got cracking, and we somehow managed to pull a punny name for September, but now we have to actually find the car to suit… Team SL present to you ‘SepTTember’! Definitely one for the Euro fans out there; you can kinda tell that we’re scraping the barrel for event names now…








Slow Life is trying a new and interesting venue this month… The Mile End Homemaker Centre! This is the first time we’ve used this venue for a monthly meet, and we’re really looking forward to filling the parking facilities with some awesome rides! You can enter the venue via Railway Terrace in Mile End!

Our meet point will feature what we call the ‘Slow Life Hub’; a hub of food, coffee, feature cars (including the unveiling of our latest project), and vendors which we’ll be announcing in due course! Of course this is where you’ll also get all of your Slow Life needs covered; including stickers, merchandise, cruise sheets and information! If you’re hungry, you’ll be able to grab all your food at Kebab Pizza Pasta Express, who are offering a 10% OFF to Slow Life attendees… Yum!

Please be respectful of the meet point with noise (there ARE local residents nearby) and please dispose of your rubbish appropriately! NO TOILETS are on site, so if you need to go – there are plenty of nearby venues with toilets! We expect you to be on your best behaviour – NO disruptive behaviour will be tolerated! If you see SAPOL around, they’re there to help! We cooperate closely with SAPOL to bring you safe, family-friendly events and we encourage the local law enforcement to be in attendance.

Oh, we mentioned an unveiling… Yep, that’s right; a new ride is joining the Slow Life family, and we can’t wait to show you. Head along to the event to find out what we’ve been working on behind closed doors!



We’ll give you the details for the cruise on the night… That’s a secret for now! However, rest assured that we’ll make it interesting. As standard protocol; remember that our reputation as a positive car community is on the line with any meet and cruise and this extends to your behaviour; don’t be a hero or breach the rules of the road. SAPOL are advised of the cruise route well before the event and we cooperate with then to bring you a safe cruise. Cruise sheets will be distributed from the Slow Life Hub on the night!


All photographers are welcome; we love seeing your pictures! We’ll have our resident photographers down there and they’ll be snap-happy with all your rides! If you want your number plates blurred in images etc. please simply cover them up or something (obviously not while you’re driving!) as we will have a lot of editing to get through following the event! We’ll be filming footage for a potential video too so expect to see our media crew out and about!

SL Media Team


Slow Life loves a good cruise, but it IS possible to do it without excessive noise or dangerous driving. PLEASE don’t drive recklessly or irresponsibly. It DOESN’T make you look cool, it damages the reputation of our community, it’s a danger to the public, and your friends won’t want to play with you anymore. Anybody caught driving dangerously (this includes burnouts, speeding, excessive noise etc.) WILL have their plates recorded and submitted to SAPOL. We have a zero tolerance for irresponsible driving and we need to be on our best behavior! Slow Life encourages a safe, family-friendly environment to promote cars of all makes and models, stock or modified, and it is paramount that you abide by road traffic laws and conduct yourself and your driving in a safe and responsible manner to ensure the safety of our community and the general public.

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