• Jack’s ‘SLOLYF’ Tiffany Blue Audi TT Quattro

SepTTember – Event Wrap Up

It’s been a little while since our last meet. After our July event at the SA Aquatic and Leisure Centre, we decided to take a month off to organize the array of show & shines for the rest of the year, but after seeing so many messages asking us about our next meet; we decided to get cracking on our next cringe-worthy event title and event – SepTTember!

The meet saw us venturing to a location – the Mile End Homemaker Centre. This is a large outdoor location featuring a central hub where attendees could enjoy plenty of food and drink at the local kebab store who kindly offered to extend trading to 8pm to keep you fed. What incredible food, too! Initially, we anticipated that it being spring and all; that we’d experience some refreshingly pleasant weather. After a week of heavy rainfall, imploding roads and half the Adelaide hills falling victim to landslides; this was definitely the last time we’re ever playing weather man. We found it amusing that on the day; the weather was actually lovely. Blue skies, warm sunlight, and then the minute we began washing our cars; the storm begins to roll in. That wasn’t stopping us from heading down to host a kickass meet, and it didn’t look like the rain effected attendee numbers either!

SepTTember Meet

As we brought the event to the public eye and rolled out the Facebook invitations, the numbers soon followed. On the night, an estimated 500 vehicles rolled through the gates of the meet location. The meet was scheduled for an earlier start than usual – 6PM, with an 8PM cruise departure.

Feature cars for the evening included:

  • Mitchell’s SLAMMED Mazda MX5 sitting on BBS RS wheels
  • Lachy Pollard-Tucker’s R32 GTR
  • Sam’s lavender Mitsubishi Evolution VIII repping Partners in Grime
  • Jack’s ‘SLOLYF’ Tiffany Blue Audi TT Quattro

It was fantastic to see such a large array of cars come along to this month’s meet! New and old, JDM, Muscle, Euro… It was all there. We had such a great time not only seeing all these cars in the flesh on the night, but also seeing all of the great pictures taken by local and resident photographers!

SepTTember Meet SepTTember Meet

Our initial cruise route would have seen us venturing through the hills (we planned our cruise route weeks in advance to the event), so on the night of the event, in the interest of public safety, we altered our cruise route to instead take a more direct route to a different end point which saw us feeling dry, warm and comfortable – the SA Aquatic & Leisure Centre. Smaller numbers showed to the end location, which meant no problematic parking or filling issues. It was a relaxed end point where attendees listened to music, talked and took photos of their cars.

SAPOL were in attendance at the end point due to burnouts by some attendees. We would once again like to remind you that this kind of behaviour is not tolerated at SL events, and we work alongside police to ensure that our meets remain safe, and that we maintain a positive relationship with the general public and law enforcement. Plates of the offenders were recorded and referred to police to follow up.

All in all, the SL team is very pleased with what turned out to be a greatly entertaining and memorable night for the SA car scene. We look forward to bringing you more events for what’s left of the year, and we can’t wait for the array of show & shines we have coming up at DCA in Mount Gambier next weekend, the SA Time Attack in October, The Extreme Auto Expo in November and Cruise for Charity in December! Of course we’ll be back with another meet next month; fingers crossed the weather’s improved by then!

See you next time!

SepTTember Meet SepTTember Meet • Jack’s ‘SLOLYF’ Tiffany Blue Audi TT Quattro • Jack’s ‘SLOLYF’ Tiffany Blue Audi TT Quattro

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