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Our May Meet is Announced!

So one of the most exciting days every month for us here at Slow Life is the day we announce our upcoming meet details! Here’s the lowdown on the meet we have for this May; with possibly the most cringe-worthy title to hit 2K16 – ‘May the Downforce Be With You‘!

Soft Parking Meet

The Meet Location

We all remember and love this place we called home for the duration of last year – the parking facilities at the SA Aquatic and Leisure Centre. This place is one of the most amazing meet locations we have ever had, and we are really excited to announce that we’re heading back there again! It’s been a solid four months since we’re graced this epic multi-storey, aesthetically pleasing, acoustically-sound, six-leveled beauty of a car park, and we can’t wait for some multi-storey fun with you guys!

…Did we mention it’s multi-storey?

Soft Parking Meet

New Merchandise

We are yet to announce this; but we have a new addition to our merchandise line making a debut at this event… It’s a very limited run of only 80 items; can you guess what it is? If they sell, we’ll order plenty more so you can all get your hands on some!

SL Sticker - Motorbike

Slow Life Film

We’re going to be filming another film at this event – and it’s going to be something really special. If you see our camera crew running around with a massive stabilizer – please wave and smile! We might be going around asking you a few questions about your SL experiences too so be prepared to have a chat with us!

Slowlife Meet Lineup


We’re going to be hosting a BBQ at this meet – and funds raised will be going to YMCA. YMCA are the current operators of the SA Aquatic and Leisure Center, and provide a range of programs and services to build strong people, strong families and strong communities. It’s the least we could do for them for their ongoing generosity with their parking facilities!

Wheely Good Time (Audi R8)

We’ll be hosting a pretty exciting cruise too, so don’t forget to grab cruise sheets from the Slow Life Hub (top floor of the car park – use the lifts if you’re down the bottom!) and come say hello to our team! SAPOL will be in attendance at this event; so please smile and show them some love and respect for helping us coordinate what will be a fantastic cruise! Don’t be alarmed when they come along – they’re there to help us out!

We can’t wait to see each and every one of you at our May event! It all goes down from 8:30pm Saturday May 14th at the SA Aquatic and Leisure Center multi-storey parking facilities!

May The Downforce Be With You Banner


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