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‘JULYKE MY CAR BRU?’ – The Event Rundown and Why We’re Charging

‘Julyke My Car Bru?’ would have to be possible one of the most cringe-worthy names we’ve created for an event thus far. Trust us, we’re already dreading what we’ll come up with the rest of the months this year! We always love the announcement of our latest events, and this one is no exception. In typical SL fashion, we’ve scheduled the event to fall on Saturday July 16th; just one week from now! Short notice, but we’re guaranteeing that this event will be our greatest yet. We’ll be returning to our usual (and favourite) venue; the multi-storey parking facilities at the SA Aquatic & Leisure Centre in Oaklands Park. However, this event will be a little different to any past events we’ve hosted – it’ll be the first time we’re charging entry (a mere gold coin entry per car). Here’s the rundown of the event a little bit about why we have to charge this time! (NOTE: proceeds are going directly to YMCA)


LOCATION: SA Aquatic & Leisure Centre (Milham Street, Oaklands Park SA)








Slow Life is returning home to the SA Aquatic & Leisure Centre! After much success with our previous meets, YMCA have generously agreed to allow us to have another meet in their multi-storey parking facilities. You enter via Milham Street (across from the Service SA centre). Make sure you’ve got a gold coin ready when you enter the parking facilities – SL team members will be at the gates to collect a gold coin and we’ll have our traffic management team ready to assist you with parking on the upper levels to avoid congestion and those frustrating hill starts!

Our meet point will feature what we call the ‘Slow Life Hub‘; a hub of food, coffee, feature cars, and vendors including ASAP Coffee And Catering, Hardtuned, Custom Importz, Saint Morris Apparel and Partners in Grime! We’ll be hosting a BBQ for $2 a snag to raise funds for YMCA (the generous donors of these awesome parking facilities), so if you come along hungry, we’ve got you covered and the funds go to a great cause! Of course this is where you’ll also get all of your Slow Life needs covered; including stickers, merchandise, cruise sheets and information!

Please be respectful of the meet point with respect to noise (there ARE local residents and a medical clinic nearby) and please dispose of your rubbish appropriately! NO TOILETS are on site, so if you need to go – Marion is your closest location. We expect you to be on your best behaviour – NO disruptive behaviour will be tolerated and there WILL be security for those who don’t wish to cooperate with Slow Life or SA Aquatic & Leisure Centre staff.





We’ll give you the details for the cruise on the night… That’s a secret for now! However, rest assured that we’ll make it interesting with a variety of roads and locations around Adelaide and the surrounding hills. As standard protocol; remember that our reputation as a positive car community is on the line with any meet and cruise and this extends to your behaviour; don’t be a hero or breach the rules of the road. SAPOL are advised of the cruise route well before the event and we cooperate with them to bring you a safe cruise! Cruise sheets will be distributed from the Slow Life Hub on the night, and feel free to ask any of our friendly team members if you’ve got any queries.
All photographers are welcome, we love seeing your pictures! We’ll have our resident photographers down there and they’ll be snap-happy with all of your rides. If you want your number plates blurred in images etc, please simply cover them up or something (obviously not while you’re driving!) as we will have a lot of editing to get through following the event. We’ll be filming footage for a potential video too so expect to see our media crew out and about!
Slow Life loves a good cruise, but it IS possible to do it without excessive noise or dangerous driving. PLEASE don’t drive recklessly or irresponsibly. It DOESN’T make you look cool, it damages the reputation of our community, it’s a danger to the public, and your friends won’t want to play with you anymore. Anybody caught driving dangerously (this includes burnouts, speeding, excessive noise etc) WILL have their plates recorded and submitted to SAPOL. We have a zero tolerance for irresponsible driving and we need to be on our best behavior! Slow Life encourages a safe, family-friendly environment to promote cars of all makes and models, stock or modified, and it is paramount that you abide by road traffic laws and conduct yourself and your driving in a safe and responsible manner to ensure the safety of our community and the general public.



You might be wondering why we’re charging a gold coin entry per car for this event… Well, we’re happy to explain why! Throughout the past few months, our events have grown in size and the quantity of attendees has grown beyond what we could ever have anticipated (THANK YOU SO MUCH), so the team has been very busy at our events this year. Understandably, as the events grow, so must our responsibility to uphold our reputation for being a safe and family-friendly automotive event; and thus, we’ve had to upgrade some of our services for you. Security will now be present at our events to curb any misconduct by meet attendees. This means there will be NO fighting, bad driving behaviour, vandalism of vehicles or to the venue, drinking or any other misconduct. It’s for your safety and for your enjoyment, and it obviously comes at a cost.

Furthermore, running an event doesn’t come cheap! We have a lot of costs behind the scenes to keep these events running, and for the first time, we’re asking for your help to keep them going the way they have been. This will aid in not only your safety and enjoyment, but will dramatically reduce the stress of parking in a heavily-populated car park. There’ll be no more excessive queuing, and there’ll be no more awkward u-turns when you can’t find a park! It’ll be a more organized and stress-free night.

The proceeds of these funds will also be contributed towards YMCA (the organization managing the parking facilities and the SA Aquatic & Leisure Centre) to thank them for their generosity with the use of these parking facilities. The funds will assist YMCA in making a positive change and ensuring that everybody has a right to equal access to physical, mental and social wellbeing.
Hundreds of thousands of South Australians access YMCA programs or services on a weekly basis, and the funds will assist YMCA in bringing these programs to those disadvantaged members of the local community.

That being said; we’re also going to be bringing you a unique, immersive automotive experience to remember for many meets to come, and we hope to bring you feature cars, entertainment, demonstrations, vendors and other experiences you won’t be able to catch in one spot anywhere else.

If that’s okay with you, we can’t wait to see you next Saturday at the SA Aquatic & Leisure Centre! It’s going to be one hell of a night, and we’re going to be working very hard behind the scenes to ensure that you have the greatest late-night automotive experience you’ll find in Adelaide. Make sure you remember your gold coin when you come along, and we’ll see you at JULYKE MY CAR BRU? *cringe*


Managing director of Slowlife and one of the original founding members. Passionate about all things Slowlife, and has been one of the minds behind Slowlife's events and media since 2014. Also owns a widebody tilty wheel car that struggles to get out of the driveway without scraping, and is often seen crying over doggo memes whilst on a caffeine binge.

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