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JULYke My Car Bru? – Event Wrap Up

Well July has seen Adelaide’s youth (and perhaps more-so the older generations too) cascade from the deep, dark depths of their homes and onto the streets – all out to catch them all. The Pokémon Go epidemic has well and truly settled in SA, and it’s been hard for Team SL to get off their phones! Once the team had managed to pry themselves free of the numerous Pokéstops, Gyms and abnormal quantities of Zubats, it was definitely to bring together our next cringe-worthy titled event for July – ‘Julyke My Car Bru?’

JULYke My Car Bru?

This meet was set out to be a little different to previous meets we had held, and admittedly, we were very nervous about it. It was the first time in SL history that we were charging an entry fee to our events – a mere gold coin, but still an entry fee. The reason we were left with little to no choice to do this was for numerous reasons:

  • Our venue (SA Aquatic & Leisure Centre) had requested we use security (provided by them) at our future events at their parking facilities
  • Our running costs (namely public liability insurance) had to be taken into consideration
  • The venue had requested some compensation for the use of their facilities (namely a donation to YMCA) in return for us using their venue (which is fair enough!)

After much discussion within our team, we decided that a gold coin entry was the best way to cover these costs in the short term. If we didn’t, we would either have to face the stress of finding another venue (which we really didn’t want to do, as we truly love this venue) or operate out-of-pocket to bring you a great night! There was much confusion and controversy regarding this entry fee seen from some when we announced this entry fee, and we really hoped that we hadn’t made a wrong decision to ask for a gold coin upon entry to the event.

JULYke My Car Bru?

The most awe-inspiring moment of the night was when we realised that despite this entry fee, we had managed to once again to fill all six storeys of the SA Aquatic & Leisure Centre carpark.

We would like to extend our thanks to each and every one of you who came along to our July event. We thank you for helping us fund these events. We thank you for coming along and enjoying the atmosphere, and we thank you for understanding that Slow Life has been and always will be working our hardest to bring you the best automotive events in Adelaide that we can.

At the end of the night, we calculated the total amount spent on entry. $489 was counted, and after setting aside our running costs including the security the venue had provided us, $263 was donated to the YMCA as a thanks for allowing Slow Life to use their parking facilities this month. This wouldn’t have been possible if it weren’t for you being so understanding, and supporting Slow Life this month!

JULYke My Car Bru?

As we brought the event to the public eye and rolled out the Facebook invitations, the numbers soon followed. On the night, an estimated 600 vehicles rolled through the gates of the meet location. The meet was scheduled for a later start than usual – 9PM, with a 10PM cruise departure. Why was the meet start time later? Simply because the Slow Life team had so much to prepare! We also like to look after our friends at the SA Aquatic and Leisure Centre by respecting the fact that their facilities are still in use until 8PM, and thus their customers and staff would preferably enjoy leaving their parking facilities without the bombardment of modified vehicles. This month, we worked very hard to bring you a new level of organization in the SL Hub (level 6 of the parking facilities) – with numerous vendors now displaying and a fresh array of feature cars.

Feature cars for the evening included:

  • The 2016 Lotus Exige S
  • The 2016 Audi R8 V10 Plus
  • A trio of R34 GTRs (including a Nür)
  • A very clean JDM-inspired 180SX
  • An intriguingly awesome classic Mini Cooper
  • A stunning Toyota Supra Targa-Top
  • An array of fine vehicles (on and off-track) from Team Grip Hunters
  • A very clean E30 BMW

JULYke My Car Bru?JULYke My Car Bru?JULYke My Car Bru?

It was fantastic to see such a large array of cars come along to this month’s meet! New and old, JDM, Muscle, Euro… It was all there. We had such a great time not only seeing all these cars in the flesh on the night, but also seeing all of the great pictures taken by local and resident photographers!

Our cruise saw attendees departing the SA Aquatic & Leisure Centre at 10pm, and venturing throughout West Beach, Henley Beach, Semaphore, North Haven and Port Adelaide. We deliberately themed this cruise route so that cruisers could stop at numerous rest stops throughout the way to catch some Pokémon, battle at some gyms, and top up their supplies at the numerous Pokéstops along the way. Some would think we’re crazy for loving Pokémon Go so much that we plan a cruise around it – others would think we’re still just a bunch of kids who love combining the things we love!

All in all, the SL team is very pleased with what turned out to be a greatly entertaining and memorable night for the SA car scene. We look forward to bringing you more events this year, and we guarantee that we have some amazing projects in the works behind the scenes which you’ll see rolling out in the next month! Over $260 was raised for the YMCA thanks to the SA Car Scene – and they can’t thank you enough. Let’s do this again real soon.

See you next time!


JULYke My Car Bru?JULYke My Car Bru?JULYke My Car Bru?JULYke My Car Bru?


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