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Cruise for Charity 13 (SA): Event Lowdown

With just one week to go until the thirteenth installment of the renowned Cruise for Charity hits SA, it’s about time that we reveal what we’ve been working on throughout the last few weeks. MotorActive and team SL are proud to announce the official event lowdown for Cruise for Charity 13 SA!


Date: Saturday, December 3rd 2016

Start Point: Edwards Park (Anzac Hwy, Adelaide Parklands)

End Point: Morphett Vale Football Club (4 Wheatsheaf Road, Morphett Vale)

Start Time: 3pm

Cruise Departure: 5pm

End Point Arrival: 6-6:30pm

Event Conclusion: 9pm



This year, we’re using a start point which has never previously been used by a Cruise for Charity event… For recent past events, Wigley Reserve in Glenelg was the location of choice; this year, we’re excited to announce that we’re going to be at Edwards Park! Edwards Park is situated in the heart of the Adelaide City Parklands, and offers an asphalt surface for you to place your pride and joy!

You’ll be able to enter the meet point from 3pm, and at the start point you’ll find yourself gazing upon some of the most unique builds South Australia has to offer… Such builds are rarely and/or never seen on Adelaide roads, and we’ll be offering you the opportunity to view these cars up close and in person! Meet the owners, meet the workshops, and perhaps make some new friends while you’re at it. The start point will also act as a highly anticipated element of this year’s Cruise for Charity… The MotorActive and Slow Life Show & Shine. You can read more about the show & shine below!

Park 23


This year, we’re absolutely pumped to announce that the Morphett Vale Football Club have kindly donated their facilities for use as our final destination for C4C13! This venue isn’t simply a place to park our cars, though; it’s got the whole package.

The final destination will include:

  • A fully stocked canteen
  • Indoor and outdoor dining
  • A complete bar facility
  • Live music entertainment
  • A vendor alley
  • Exclusive feature cars
  • Show & Shine trophy presentations
  • Feature car spotlights
  • Indoor and outdoor social facilities

We can’t thank Morphett Vale Football Club enough for their generosity, and we should all look forward to the end point to celebrate what will be one hell of a cruise!

End Point


We listened to your feedback from our past cruises, and we think we have a pretty spectacular cruise route for you! This year’s cruise will see entrants venturing into the depths of the Adelaide hills, and exploring Adelaide’s picturesque countryside en-route to the final destination. As the sun sets, you’ll be driving along some of the most stunning roads that our friends interstate wish they had! The cruise route will be available from the team at the start point, and we’ll also be uploading a google maps link to the event so that you can download it directly to your phone, tablet or other device to give you live directions of the cruise route. Rest assured… It’s going to be a great way to get from the CBD to Morphett Vale!

We would also like to express how important it is that we all drive safely and responsibly… To assist us in ensuring that everybody is on good behaviour, our friends at SA Police are getting involved to assist with ensuring that we’re all safe and orderly! Our team will be assisting vehicles with exiting Edwards Park and entering Morphett Vale Football Club, and all we ask is that drivers have some common sense and remember that we’re cruising together for a great cause.

VIP entrants will have the privilege of leading the cruise, and will be permitted to embark first!

Cruise for Charity 12 (SA)


This year, we’re doing something new. Slow Life are renown in South Australia for hosting some of the state’s most stunning cars in their show & shines! Last month, we tackled the SA Time Attack, and now it’s time to bring a new element to Cruise for Charity in 2016!

Make sure your car is polished to absolute perfection, because our hand-picked selection of judges will be inspecting each and every car and judging them in numerous categories. If you’re keen on the show & shine and think your car has what it takes – be sure to head to the end point for the trophy presentations! At the end point we’ll also be introducing what we call the ‘Feature Car Spotlight’. The owners of VIP vehicles and our selection of feature cars will be bringing their rides to life, and giving you the opportunity to catch the cars up close and personal! From daily drivers with fascinating histories, to complete Time Attack spec race builds, it’s all going to be there for you to enjoy. Hear the stories of the cars and what’s been put into them, and prepare for live start-ups and vehicle tours!

Either way, there are going to be some stunning cars at this year’s event, and we highly encourage you to get involved. The prizes are pretty great, too!

Judging categories are a secret for now – but oh, there will be plenty. Prizes will be available for category winners from our event sponsors, and we’ll make getting your car all gleamed up worth your while!

Cruise for Charity 12 (SA)


There are two entry packages available in this year’s event – general admission and VIP!

General admission is priced at a $40 donation per vehicle (funds go directly to Camp Quality), and includes:

  • Admission to the event
  • A photograph of your vehicle upon entry by Team SL
  • A C4C showbag (pickup at end point)
  • A Cruise for Charity 13 sticker for your vehicle (display to show you’re an official entrant!)

VIP packages are available for a $165 donation and include:

  • Cruise for Charity entrant sticker
  • A C4C showbag (pickup at end point)
  • Early access to the destination (2:30pm admission)
  • Exclusive VIP parking zone at the centre of all the C4C action
  • Large VIP windscreen sticker
  • An exclusive VIP photographer to capture your ride throughout the day
  • Lead the cruise and be the first to explore the cruise route!



The sole purpose of Cruise for Charity is to raise money for Camp Quality. Camp Quality’s sole purpose is to improve the quality of life for children (0-13yrs) living with cancer, and their families. From diagnosis and treatment through to remission and bereavement, the programs Camp Quality offer aim to support the children and their families as they undergo a very tough journey. The funds raise directly fund these programs, to reduce the impact that cancer has upon these children and their families.

Cruise for Charity has raised in excess of $1.5 Million for Camp Quality since its inception 13 years ago; and last year, the South Australian Cruise for Charity event raised $16,904.10 and attracted 478 vehicles. This year, we want to top this! How many cars can we bring to C4C this year..? Make us proud, Adelaide. It doesn’t matter what you drive, we want to see you there. Perhaps you drive a high performance JDM-spec import, or perhaps a stanced Euro masterpiece. Perhaps you’ve got eight cylinders of Aussie muscle…or maybe American muscle! Cruise for Charity isn’t about segregating the different groups within the car scene; It’s about bringing each and every one of you together to raise as much money as possible for some kids in need of our help.

Let’s do this, South Australia. Show us what you’ve got, and we’ll bring you the greatest car cruise of the year. Let’s raise more money than ever before, and assemble the greatest collection of vehicles that Cruise for Charity has ever seen!

See you on Saturday!

Cruise for Charity 12 (SA)



Cruise for Charity 12 (SA)

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