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Cars & Caffeine: Our Final Event of 2017 Tasted like Christmas

If you know Slowlife, our team, and how we roll… You’d know that we just couldn’t see off 2017 without one last event. This time, we did something that we’ve never done before… We woke up before midday on a Sunday. Ladies and gentlemen; we give you our caffeine-fueled, Christmas-induced Sunday morning brain-mush extravaganza we simply called ‘Cars & Caffeine’.

We didn’t do this event because we wanted to break into the whole ‘cars and coffee’ market… Despite what some labelled as a ‘copycat’ event of the pre-existing cars and coffee events around Adelaide (which are freaking awesome and we attend ourselves); a Sunday morning was literally the only time we were all free to catch up one last time before Christmas! We aren’t morning people… really. Don’t try wake us up before midday on a Sunday because there’s an 11/10 chance we were being edgy car scene kids prowling the streets until 2am looking heaps sick and all.

Our event started at 8am and we would like to say our energy to get up so early was proudly sponsored by coffee. Without coffee, we wouldn’t be functioning. Teaming up with our friends at Food Truck Movement (our partner alongside our SlowCase events); we came together at the Adelaide Showground for a morning of coffee, and REALLY good bacon and egg sandwiches. Legit, we ate more than what we’d probably care to admit. Thanks Food Truck Movement, we owe you several kilograms of bacon and some serious calories now.

The turnout was just the way we like it… Not too heavy (so we weren’t running around the car park like recently dismembered chickens) and not so small that we just looked plain awkward. The thing we love most about these morning events is that they have this habit of attracting cars we don’t usually see out at our evening events. A ’57 Chevrolet Bel Air is something we never see at our events (mainly due to our predominant JDM and Euro audience) and some of the hot rods in attendance really made our morning. Of course we had our usual sprawl of JDM and Euro cars, and it was a great opportunity to properly talk to and meet some new people. For once, we were at an event of our own where we weren’t focusing on running an actual event – this was simply a pre-Christmas catch up, and we couldn’t have asked for a better morning.

Enjoy some of the images provided by our resident photographers Rapture Media and T16035 Photography below!




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