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April Spools (Meet Wrap Up)

With an even more cringe-worthy event title, ‘April Spools’ was a pretty great night!

Once again at an all new location, April Spools was a load of fun! We were excited to try out the new rooftop parking facilities at Westfield West Lakes, and we weren’t disappointed! Although a few of you had a bit of difficulty finding it – we got there in the end, right? We were also pretty excited because after what’s probably been the better part of two years, we FINALLY got a really cool poster/sign for our stickers, which made it a lot easier for those buying SL stickers to select which ones they wanted! We were also rather under-staffed on the night, as the Hilltop Hoods were playing and, well, we like them, okay!? In the end, the night was absolutely fantastic!


The car park was packed within an hour, and we saw so many amazing cars come along! Highlight rides included the recently built GU Auto Concepts Rocket Bunny 180SX, a pair of stunning E60 BMWs, a whole squad of FD RX7s and a gorgeous ’32 Ford Hotrod!


We hope you enjoy these images – a massive thanks to SicEm.Rex Photography for taking some rad snaps on the night!

Photographer: SicEm.Rex Photography.










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