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WIDEY SLIDEY BOI: Sven’s Rocket Bunny E30 Drift Weapon

In the little old town of Adelaide, let’s face it – we don’t see too many ‘next level’ builds come out of the woodwork. There simply aren’t enough of us in the city to make it that frequent a thing! Something that I love about this, though, is when something a little different does roll onto the streets for the first time, everybody freakin’ loses it.

As we shuffle into the warmer months we get to see some fresh builds hit the road, and one build in particular has caught the attention of many since its debut at this year’s All Euro Day. It’s wide, it slides, and it’s the latest creation from Adelaide widebody specialists GU Auto Concepts (home of SA’s first and only Liberty Walk GT-R and our city’s first Rocket Bunny builds). Sven’s Rocket Bunny E30 left All Euro Day goers in awe, and backs up its looks with a powerhouse under the hood that will see the car sliding around corners this month! Let’s find out a little bit more about the latest addition to Adelaide’s widebody gang, and check what’s making this noise under the hood…

The first thing you should know about this build is that it’s not a street car. This car is a drift build from front to back, and always will be. Sven’s aim with this car isn’t to keep it looking pretty – it’s to compete, and to look good whilst doing it. We bloody love this attitude, and want to see more of it. Competing under the title SvenMate Motorsport; Sven’s drifting career began in 2010 and started in, funnily enough, an E30. The first drift victim E30 met a fuckin’ epic unfortunate end when it jumped the tyre stacks at Mallala early in Sven’s drift career. It’s okay though, because it looks like the E30 was replaced with something just as good… Another E30.

The E30 2.0 project began three years ago, and has progressed to become an absolute weapon on the track. The car’s dated suspension, motor (and pretty much everything except the chassis) has been replaced with aftermarket and custom fabricated components (there’s literally too much to write here so we’re just providing a mod list at the bottom of this article) and the iconic LS1 swap (#LSTHEWORLD). Everything from suspension, motor, gearbox, roll cage and bodywork has been designed to create a fun and high performance drift machine, and that’s what makes this build one which is show and go.

We don’t know why everybody goes absolutely ape s**t about widebodies in Adelaide, but it’s great because we genuinely don’t see too many here. As for a Rocket Bunny Pandem fitout on an E30 – this is a first for us. Seeing it in the flesh at All Euro Day really showcased the TLC that went into making this drift build a car which was visually striking on the outside, as well as a performer for the track under the hood. The scale of the build was nearing an epic level, so Sven decided that the exterior needed to look the part. The widebody wasn’t initially on the cards, but when consulting GU Auto Concepts on options; well, there really wasn’t much of an option in the end, was there?

The build began in Sven’s parents’ driveway of all places, and with the help of his friend Kieran and his welder; night after night was spent planning, fabricating and installing everything as it progressed. The widebody was fitted after trimming the OEM guards, and the car was sent off for its final paint. A lot of time went into making the car all go and show, and we’re grateful that such a build exists here in SA. We need more of this.

One thing we have always wondered here at Slowlife is if after such extensive cosmetic love and modification; would you be nervous about drifting such a machine..? In Sven’s mind the answer is absolutely not. He’s built the car for a purpose, and he’s happy with how it looks, so now it’s time to take it to the track and see what it can do. We will be watching eagerly from the sidelines and really hoping that the term ‘drift damage’ doesn’t apply to this car.

As far as future plans go; Sven’s got nothing on the horizon but getting out and driving the car the way he intended it to be driven. Hard.

We love this car. We love this attitude. We need more of this.



1990 BMW E30 318is Coupe (Sunroof Optioned)

OUTPUT: 254rwkw



LS1 5.7l LS1 V8 & 5 speed T56 gearbox

Custom mounts and brackets

VCM 7 cam

Rollmaster double row timing chain

ARP cam bolts

Melling high pressure oil pump

Custom extractors, 2.5″ exhaust system, Magnaflow muffler

Aeroflow rear bulge sump and pickup

Alloy 52mm radiator with thermo fan and custom shroud

ATS 2 piece balanced tailshaft

Aeroflow remote oil filter relocation kit

Aeroflow billet 2 piece timing cover

Aeroflow oil cooler

Aeroflow monster air filter

Remote bleeder kit

Arrow short shifter




SLR E30 Super angle drift kit

BC BR Coilovers – 12kg front, BR True rear coilovers with 8kg springs

Tilton Floor mounted Pedals with reservoirs

Braided brake lines for pedal box/hydro handbrake.

All new alloy hard lines

Garagistic Delrin and 85a rear bushes

GKtech pull type hydraulic handbrake

60mm race wheel studs

Locked medium case diff with 3.46 ratio gears

Garagistic adjustable camber and toe correction kit with eccentric hardware

Garagistic secondary diff mount

Garagistic teflon coated stainless braided brake lines throughout

SRS dual rear caliper kit

Aeroflow brake bias valve

E36 steering rack with Condor spacers. Relocated column

Garagistic welded in rear strut tower reinforcement plates

Heavily reinforced rear control arms



Custom Performance formula forged 3pce wheels. 16×8 -10 (195/50r16) 16×9.5 -52 (215/45r16)

Rocket Bunny Pandem widebody (including wing)

Garagistic tow hooks

Strut Brace

Aeroflow 57l foam filled fuel cell

Entire fuel system in Speedflow fittings / braided line

Carter high flow lift pump

Bosch 044 fuel pump

Aeroflow Surge Tank

Sard fuel pressure regulator and gauge

Moroso alloy fuel lines mounted every 1′ under body

Purpose Built full CAMS spec tower-to-tower roll cage stitch welded to pillars

2x Velo GTP in Large with Velo seat mounts and custom brackets

Velo 6 point harnesses

NRG quick release

Switch panel with fuse mounted relays and battery isolator

Sabelt suade deep corn steering wheel

Samsung tablet running Torque pro for gauges

HKB boss kit


h 3 k t 1 k  N e O n S  c U z Z z



Photographers: Castle Car Media  |  Gorecki Photography  |  Sebastian Axyl Photography


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