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SHED BUILT MONSTER: Samir’s S13 Time Attack Build

Here at Slowlife we share an appreciation for cars and bikes from all walks of life. Whether it’s daily driven, show-spec, off-road or track; it’s got a place with us. Our previous feature cars, however, have always been something that’s capable of street performance. It’s about time we showcased a car that belongs off the road, and that we ventured to the track. We first sighted this car at All Japan Day earlier this year and it’s taken until now to finally capture it, and to coincide with this article, we also recently featured it at our indoor display at the Adelaide Auto expo.

Check out Samir’s S13 – a straight-out time attack weapon we’re very excited to see.

Our tale with this car began at this year’s All Japan Day. Alongside the plethora of JDM builds on the day; one particular car stood out. If the roll cage, gigantic splitter and diffuser weren’t enough for this car to scream ‘I probably have something that is not stock under the hood’, then we probably didn’t belong there in all honesty. Samir Elsayed’s jet black (well not really, it’s got a purple pearl so we lie) S13 has a mod list longer than our grocery shopping agenda on Christmas eve. Imported in 1999; the ’91 Ks model has undergone a complete transformation in its time and was turning many a head at AJD. We got in touch with Samir shortly after to feature his car, but the car wasn’t ready – yet. We waited a while, as we were convinced that this feature would be worth the wait.

The plot thickened a couple of months ago when the build was finally complete, and on its first track day, burst into flames when the fuel cell ignited. We can imagine many profanities being thrown around on the track that afternoon! All was not lost, though, and Samir was soon back in the shed rebuilding the burnt rear end of the vehicle. A couple of months later and the car saw a new rear end, and we finally got to spend some one-on-one time with the build.

This car is purpose-built for a particular breed of motorsport – Time Attack. As Time Attack is all about the fastest lap times; each build relies heavily on numerous key performance factors including weight distribution, power and aerodynamics. Unlike other motorsport pursuits; a time attack car requires meticulous trial, error and passion. Samir’s S13 is certainly a dark horse amongst a herd of AWD models such as the Mitsubishi Evo and Subaru WRX, but his build is nothing to underestimate – each and every modification has been carries out with precision and care, and Samir takes great pride in what he hopes will see the track in 2019. The S13 comes standard with a great chassis, reliable engine, and a (very) extensive market of aftermarket parts available, so it made for an excellent choice of car to build!

Under the hood; Samir’s S13 is still powered by an RB20DET with a mod list so extensive that we’ll literally just put it at the bottom of this article. When we asked for a list of modifications we were basically presented with what would happen if we wished really hard at Christmas and got everything we wanted (like, ever). For those who were fortunate to catch it with the bonnet up at the Adelaide Auto Expo, you could concur with us that it’s quite the setup!

Samir’s time attack pursuits commence in 2019, with high hopes of making it to SA Time Attack in February. Plenty of practice days lay in wait for Samir, and Slowlife is going to be there to follow his journey to SATA 2019! We are going to leave you with a few images we captured of Samir’s build (it’s truly inspiring to see this in the flesh), and we eagerly await to keep you up to date with his results leading up to SATA. A time attack build is no easy feat, but as you’re about to see in the mod list, Samir’s more than capable of showing the local and interstate time attack communities what he’s made of. His primary goal for now, though, is to not catch on fire again. That would be awkward and very frustrating. Best of luck, Samir. We’ll be fangirling from the sidelines.





Rebuilt head

RB26 valve springs

ARP head studs

Cometic 1.3 MLS head gasket

Rex Kelway steam pipe manifold

Turbosmart 45mm progate

Kinugawa GTX3076R turbocharger

3” Intake & Exhaust

Braided turbo lines

Forward facing plenum

Xspurt 1000cc injectors

Turbosmart FPR1200 fuel pressure regulator

Walbro 255 lift pump

Bosch 044 feed pump

ProFlow fuel cell

AI surge tank

E85 tune

Canton Racing Accusump oil accumulator

Nitrous Express 100hp dry shot nitrous system

Standalone wired link G4+ Atom ECU

AIM MXS Strada dash

New body loom (supplied by Adam Carver)

Splitfire coil packs

Engine oil cooler & lines

Power steering cooler & lines

Front mount intercooler (by Purpose Built Motorsport)

GKTech fan

RB26 water pump pulley

Greddy power steering pulley

Powdercoated cam covers (Edwardstown Powdercoating)

Custom tailshaft loop



RB25 gearbox w/ upgrades synchros and selector fork

R34 shifter

Xtreme 6 puck ceramic single plate  clutch

GKTech braided clutch line

Home-made custom crossmember

Custom one-piece tailshaft (Hardy Spicer)



R33 GT-R Brembos (front

R33 GTST calipers (rear)

Intima performance-type pads (F + R)

GKTech braided brake lines



Adjustable control arms (front and rear)

Custom chassis bracing

Whiteline rear sway bar

Miscellaneous front sway bar

GKTech subframe bushings

ISC coilovers

AM Performance custom front strut brace

Cusco rear strut brace

Fender braces

Nismo power brace



SSR GTV02 (Supplied by AutoTeknik Tuning) 18×9.5 F 18×10.5 R

265/35/18 F 275/35/18 R (or 315 rear and 285 front if need be)



PBM hydro handbrake

Custon flat boot floor

Rex Kelway roll cage

Purpose Built Motorsport front tube

Plastic windows (Supplied by City Plastic)

Velo GTP3 front seat

Velo 6-point FIA safety harness (Supplied by AutoSport Magill)

S15 dash conversion & switch panel



Purpose Built Motorsport aero kit mounting

CNC billet wing mounts

Front splitter (Mark Jantke)

Rear diffuser (Mark Jantke)

Origin Labo widebody (Supplied by Savannah Motorsport)

Origin Labo Fiberglass doors

Painted by Chris at Cole Motors Henley Beach (Prepped at home by Samir & his dad and friend Bassam)



Images: Rapture Media ( Facebook | Instagram)

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