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NEW LEVEL: Vinh’s (Seriously Stanced) WRX

It’s not very often that you find a car in Adelaide that’s been visually modified beyond the norm. I’m talking airbag suspension, widebodies, custom parts, ridiculously offset wheels and anything else that you usually only see in pictures from interstate or overseas. When we saw Vinh’s WRX roll out of the GU Auto Concepts workshop headed for the Stylized Show & Shine at WTAC; we knew it was something else. Let me tell you a little bit about the bagged Rex everybody’s been raving on about.

First off – this car’s been around a while. Not like this though. Previously silver; Vinh has owned his 2001 bugeye for over three and a half years, and it’s seen more cosmetic changes than what most of us can handle. In fact, most of us probably wouldn’t recognise it as the same car if we were to put it alongside the car that entered GU Auto Concepts earlier this year.

A fan of stance, aggression and anything of the “low ‘n’ wide” category; Vinh wasn’t to be underestimated when he rolled up for his afternoon shoot with the Slowlife team. Featuring a widebody and duck tail spoiler by ABW and a set of forged Work Meister S1s tucked away by an Airlift Performance airbag suspension setup; this WRX caught not only the eyes of every onlooker in Adelaide, but also caught the gaze of countless interstate car lovers at WTAC 2017. Our first official meeting with this car was indeed at WTAC, and it wasn’t long until we had it rolling out on the streets of Adelaide with us.

A graphic designer by day; Vinh’s visual concepts for the car are unique, aggressive and lavish. The choice of a respray in Glacier White (a shade by Audi, despite the name) sprouted from his pure love of white cars, and from the way the white offset the carbon fibre and black accents throughout the car’s exterior. The choice of an Audi colour came at no surprise due to the metallic, crisp finish. As the sun hits the paint, it really does showcase the difference between a white and a white (this being the latter). Going back to the carbon, though – it appears that Varis and Voltex were the brands of choice when it came to Vinh’s bodywork. The Varis bonnet, skirts and canards certainly add an aggressive stature to the car, and even more so when examining the Voltex rear diffuser. Alongside the white, we dare say it’s an almost perfect combination.

Like the majority of us; Vinh’s build actually started predominantly out of boredom. In fact; we went specifically for the bug-eye due to its less-desirable front end in the WRX scene.

“I think that it takes a bit more work to achieve the aggressive look with a bug-eye, because let’s face it, it isn’t the most visually appealing car from factory”.

A challenge certainly overcome on a new level, we were more-so perplexed by the fact that somebody in Adelaide went to this extent with their modification. After visiting WTAC this year, we came to a realisation that Adelaide’s car modification game isn’t as strong as what we thought it was. It’s undeniable that Adelaide is somewhat ‘tame’ in comparison to the eastern states, and it’s inspiring to see an individual take their visual customisation to a new level and leave many perhaps envious, inspired to push their limits, or just generally aroused by the stance of this thing.

Like any build, there is always things left to be done. On the horizon for Vinh’s WRX already lies a new set of wheels (the lucky bloke scored himself a sponsorship), numerous small details to clean up around the car, and the highly anticipated engine build (we were told what was on the cards but we’re sworn to secrecy on this one – we promise it’s insane). For now; Vinh’s enjoying the car after over 12 months off the road, and by the looks of things, Adelaide’s enjoying it too.


Follow Vinhs’s build on Instagram: @mrvinism



Annaliese is one of our own. Currently, she’s our events coordinator (the one who makes SlowCase, Slowlife Saturdays, and all the other events happen) and one of our most beloved crew members. Annaliese has a long history of loving cars – sprouting from watching the V8s with her dad as a child; Anna’s never strayed far from the car life, and likes to take on new skills and work on her own car in her own time. A lover of Subarus (and the owner of a tiffany blue-wheeled Impreza), she was the prime choice for this shoot, and was probably the most excited one of all of us to catch Vinh’s WRX up close. She’s not just good in front of the camera, though – Annaliese is also a resident photographer here at Slowlife, and operates under her photography alias ‘Urban Images’!

Check out Annaliese’s social media channels below:

Urban Images (Facebook)

Urban Images (Instagram)

Annaliese’s Instagram




Glacier White Pearl paint/ custom black with gold pearl on the roof and lip

ABW 60mm bolt on flares

ABW ducktail spoiler

Customised carbon lip

Varis canards

Varis carbon bonnet

Varis side skirts (cut up to suit flares)

Voltex rear diffuser

Chargespeed front bumper brake ducts

Chargespeed roof vane

Circuit Demon custom headlights

Illumesthetic custom led tail lights

APR GT mirrors

STi grille


Airlift Performance 3P airbag suspension

Work Meister S1 3P 18×11.5

Federal 595 RS-RR tyres 255/35/18

Camber bolts (unknown brand)

326 Power lug nuts

Whiteline Strut Brace


Bride Stradia II Japan Venus seats x2

Key!s Racing 350mm steering wheel (deep type)

NRG short boss kit

NRG quick release hub

Powerhouse Amuse titanium shift knob

1320 adjustable shifter extension


STi 6 speed gearbox

Short shifter kit

STi “pink” injectors

Walbro 255lph fuel pump

IHI VF34 turbo

HyperFlow Top Mount Intercooler

HyperFlow Cold Air Intake

Tomei unequal length headers

X-Force 3″ turbo back exhaust/ cat-less up-pipe

AM Performance custom 3″ blast pipes

DBA 4000/3000 slotted rotors





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