Clean & Simple: Jayce’s WRX

As Slowlife hits four years old, we look back at some of the cars that even our own crew have owned. Many of us have sold our cars, some have been wrecked, some have been locked away, some even defected; but Jayce’s WRX has not only stuck with him the whole time – it’s undergone somewhat of a transformation over the two years he’s had it in his life. Sit down, buckle up, and prepare yourself for a little fairy tale about Jayce’s love for his ’04 Subaru WRX, and how being clean and simple is sometimes the best.

The first thing you should know about this car is that it’s no show car – it hasn’t got ridiculous performance, it isn’t slammed so low that it crab walks along South Road, it hasn’t got a widebody, bags, or even aftermarket bucket seats. What it has got is some of the cleanest bodywork, fresh paint, a subtle exhaust note, and tidy, sensible wheels. This car is in fact a daily. Jayce purchased his WRX two years ago after owning a range of cars ranging from an R33 Skyline to an E39 BMW. Since purchase, this car has seen him (reliably) to and from work, to meets, down to DCA at Mount Gambier, and more recently to SlowCase. The most exciting thing is, that throughout these two years, we’ve been able to watch Jayce’s once completely stock WRX turn into one of the tidiest examples in town.

We’ll start with the bodywork. When Jayce purchased the car, it was showing what you’d expect out of any (then) 12 year-old car. Small dents and scratches and fading paint, bodywork that wasn’t quite right. To many of us, we’d simply overlook what the general passer-by wouldn’t see and move on. For Jayce, it meant an entire overhaul of the car’s body and paintwork. Falling short of $10K later, the car’s appearance transformed. A (genuine) STI bodykit added that much-desired aggressive stance to the car, and a fresh coat of paint was all the car needed to undergo a rather dramatic visual facelift. To protect the paint and save himself another respray along the line, Partners in Grime provided their Nova Pro paint protection (the water beading is actual porn, I shit you not), which also added an extra depth of gloss to the perfect bodywork. To add to the aggressive stance of the car and a hint of handling, Jayce installed MCA Blue coilover suspension, which he remarks as being some of the greatest coilovers he’s driven with.

The wheel choice for this car was sensible and practical, whilst still adding a touch of (subtle) colour and complemented the car’s look appropriately. Work’s iconic Emotion CR Kiwami  Ultimate was the wheel of choice for Jayce, and they’re wrapped in the widely popular Bridgestone Potenza RE003s (yes, they grip, they grip good). In a bronze finish, they add that subtle touch of colour to the WRX whilst still remaining subtle and inconspicuous. Adding to subtlety is the Invidia N1 cat-back exhaust system, which brings out that iconic boxer rumble that is essentially any WRX owner’s mating call.

Subtlety is key with this car, and that’s what we like about it. It goes to show that you don’t need to be obnoxiously loud, low, bright or conspicuous. Jayce chose to be sensible in his choices in modification, and that’s why this would have to be one of the cleanest dailies around town. The car has seen no performance enhancement under the hood just yet – and with good reason. Jayce has chosen to keep the car stock for the sake of reliability as a daily, but intends to go all-out with an engine build in the future. “I won’t be happy until my own car scares the shit out of me when I hit the pedal” is what he tells me, and I can’t wait to stain his meticulously maintained seats as well.

If you’re in the market for a WRX, Jayce gives you the green light. He looks back at the time he first took the car into the hills, and remarks on the first time he experienced the AWD handling of the WRX. “It’s like a road-legal go kart, I just love it”. If you’d like to follow the adventures of Jayce and his WRX, you can always follow him on instagram here. You can also catch him as one of our own devoted team members at our next event!



We didn’t have to hesitate when choosing who to model this car. Nikola isn’t only one of our original Slowlife Girls, she’s also Jayce’s beloved partner in crime. Nikola is no professional model, nor has she had any experience outside of slowlife modeling with cars. She joined the crew alongside Jayce in 2016, and we have watched her confidence soar since. At 23 years-old, Nikola’s got a lot of life ahead of her including a law degree beginning this year. She has high hopes of one day joining the legal profession, and we think it’ll come in handy when Jayce (finally) gets this performance build and scares his neighbours!

As for a love of cars – Nikola’s into her car as much as Jayce is.  Her car’s pretty similar to his as well – she’s also a fan of Subaru, and currently owns a silver Hawkeye Impreza (because P’s). It’s a match made in heaven, really. You can catch Nikola on instagram here, and you’ll catch her alongside Jayce and the rest of the crew at the next Slowlife event!

Catch the full gallery of Jayce’s WRX by our very own resident photographer Rapture Media on our facebook page, and feast your eyes on the gallery below!



Images: Rapture Media

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