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All Euro Day 2016 (Adelaide, South Australia)

All Euro Day: A Second Year of Success

We don’t think that the Adelaide car scene would be the same without the iconic All Japan Day. The annual event attracts thousands to Glenelg’s Wigley Reserve, and the South Australian JDM scene unites under a single banner to celebrate the heritage, passion and individuality of their cars. Until last year; such an opportunity never existed for the ever-growing European car community, and so All Euro Day was born. This year, we saw the second instalment of All Euro Day, and we’re satisfied in saying that the event was just as successful as the last.

Our AED experience began early in the morning – 7:30, to be exact. As longstanding friends of the AJD and AED committees; we were delighted to lend a hand with hosting a BBQ throughout the day, and our team spent the day both behind the grill and behind the lens. As the cars began rolling in from 8am, we were beyond impressed by the diversity and exclusivity of the vehicles attracted by the event.

For an event only in its second year, we were impressed by the sheer diversity of vehicles present. Supercars were prominent at the forefront of the event; including the Maserati GranTurismo, Ferrari 488, Audi R8 and not one but two Porsche GT3 RS’. It’s not a daily experience to see these vehicles all side-by-side, nor is it a common occurrence to catch them up so close. Oh, and we couldn’t take our eyes (or ears) away from the sight and sound of an Aviator Grey Audi RS6 which had travelled to us from Victoria (we assure you that the sound was nothing short of spectacular).

Joining the line-up of featured vehicles on the day were numerous dealership floor examples provided by Solitaire Automotive including numerous Audi, Maserati and Alfa Romeo models. As much as there was a feature of new cars at the event; true beauty was most certainly found in some classics. Examples from Rolls Royce, BMW, Jaguar, Mercedes Benz and just about every other European manufacturer could be found on the day. Whether they were impeccably restored to factory condition or modified to the owners’ taste; it was undeniable that the classic European car following is a strong one.

The weather was a comfortable temperature of 24 degrees with mild cloud cover for the majority of the day. Compared to last year’s sweltering pre-summer heat; we’re fortunate to walk away with little to no sunburn this year! It made for some great photo moments, and we were able to capture some of the day for those unable to make it. Enjoy the images, and we look forward to catching All Euro Day for its third instalment next year.


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