Slowlife: A New Age Dawns

Well, Adelaide… It’s been a while. We’ve been a bit quiet since March, and by quiet, we mean almost completely off the radar. This is the first article to be published on this website since the recap of our last event, and we’re breaking the silence to basically say that, well, slowlife is back.

For those who have been wondering what happened to everything we’d promised (monthly events, media, feature cars and all the things we used to totally rock at doing) – we’re going to offer a bit of insight as to what happened. Sometimes life gets in the way – family, relationships, friendships, work… Behind every car club or event, there’s a team of living, breathing human beings (believe it or not) who have so much going on in their own lives. Sometimes these things can get in the way of us keeping SL consistent and strong, and this time, they got in the way of us managing to do anything altogether. We decided to take a break for a bit, and to batten down the hatches for winter. We had a think about the things we were doing right, and the things that we could improve on. We decided to take some time out to live the slow life ourselves and really focus on what we could do to be the best that we could be.

When we say that we want to bring the car community something special, and that we want to encourage love and positivity within the community; we genuinely mean it. We felt like we’d lost touch with the community for a while, and that we weren’t connecting with you in the way that we once did. We remember the days of the old slowlife – the days of a group of friends catching up to talk about cars, and to take pride in the four (or two) wheeled piece of art that they love most. We remember when it was just simple, which is what the car community should be all about. We almost forgot the fundamentals of our own lifestyle – to slow down to appreciate the finer details and the love within the car community. That’s why we slowed down.

We think it’s about time we returned.

We’ve switched things up a bit – our team, our culture, and our brand. We assessed what we did well, and what we could improve on. We listened to your feedback after every event, and we’re genuinely driven to deliver some of the most memorable events for you to love and enjoy. That’s why we’ve undergone several changes inside and out. A new look, a new feel, a new brand. From now on, you’ll be able to rely on slowlife to consistently bring high quality events and media not just to South Australia – but to the entirety of Australia.

We want to spread our wings and showcase what lies beyond the borders of our state, and explore the car communities in every corner of our great country. Adelaide will always be our home, and that’s where we’ll always be, but it’s also important to showcase and recognise what’s happening across borders to establish stronger bonds between cultures and communities. We’re going to do this by expanding our media focus to include interstate photographers and cars, to showcase the pride, workmanship and creativity beyond our own community. We’re going to aim to get our first interstate events off the ground in 2018, and build relationships with interstate car communities.

We want to change the way we host our events. We have always utilised large car parks for our events, purely because they grew beyond what we could ever have anticipated. What we always wanted to do was go beyond the traditional ‘car park meet’ and seek venues that were a little different to the norm, and off the beaten track. We wanted to offer local businesses an opportunity to showcase their work and their products directly to their audience, and to enable our community to actively engage with the businesses that help them build their passion for cars. We believe that events shouldn’t be about how much you can cram into one space, or how many people it attracts, or how many facebook likes it gains you – they should be, and always should be, about one thing: the cars.

JDM, Euro, Muscle or Exotic. Classic or modern. Factory-spec or modified. Two wheels or four. It shouldn’t matter. As a community, we should be respecting what everybody drives. We don’t choose our cars or our taste in modifications for the sake of others – we do it for ourselves. Slowlife encourages expressing oneself through their car, and their car being a representation of who they are as an individual. We encourage creativity and freedom of expression, and we want to see this at our events and within our community. After all that being said; you’re probably wondering when our next event actually is, and we won’t disappoint you on that front.

We can’t wait to see you on the 28th of October, Adelaide.

Here’s to the dawn of a new age of slowlife. We took our time, we thought, and we listened. We went back to basics to bring you what we’ve all wanted the whole time – a lifestyle revolving around the wheeled pieces of machinery that mean more to us than others could actually explain. Here’s to a freshly revitalized team united with one goal in mind; to deliver premier automotive events and media to the Australian automotive community, as we have been since 2014. Here’s to you, reading this statement, right here, right now. You’re part of the very community that we want to bring together and breed love, collaboration and respect.

We’re back, and we’re staying. See you soon.

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