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We are less than one month away from SA Time Attack on October 29th! Organised by the Mitsubishi GSR Evo Club Inc (MGEC), this event has been running for many years now, although this year is shaping up to be the biggest one yet. Just in case you haven’t caught the promo so far, here are the four main reasons why you need to be at Mallala Motorsport Park on October 29th:

  1. To watch the impressive and unique variety of cars compete for the best times and see them up close in the pits.
  2. The Slow Life Show and Shine will be displaying some of the finest cars SA has to offer.
  3. Professional drifters will be demonstrating their tandem skills for the dinner break entertainment.
  4. You can visit the varied trade stalls and buy cool merchandise from event sponsors in Vendor Lane.

SA Time Attack


There is a very enthusiastic community within South Australia who favour grip-style motorsport. They build and modify their cars to get the best timed lap on the circuit or for some on a hill climb track. This can become quite a competitive sport and many who try it will quickly become addicted. This is why MGEC host this event once a year; to give our local drivers the opportunity to compete on a fair playing field on their home soil. SA Time Attack is hosted at Mallala Motorsport Park which is currently the main circuit in our state and where the majority of South Australian drivers have clocked their best times against one another. Some even build their cars to go on to race at World Time Attack, hosted in NSW, which is a mammoth display of some of the most impressive time attack cars in the world.

Last year saw SA Time Attack move to a twilight format and after some really positive feedback the competition will again be held at twilight under the lights of the Mallala circuit. The competition begins at 4pm with entrants expected to arrive around 2pm for prep and scrutineering so there is plenty of time to see the cars in the daylight. But the bonus of twilight racing? That irritating sun disappears and those nagging Mallala flies retreat.

The competition is organised into four classes and each class is determined by the modifications and tyres on the vehicle. The Clubsprint, Open and Pro Classes are aligned with the national regulations for time attack competition. MGEC have also introduced a Street Class this year so vehicles with fewer modifications that have speed and driver skill have a fair class to compete in. All entrants have to be prepared and strategic when choosing their class.  This is taken very seriously and they will be scrutineered on the day to ensure they fit their class criteria as well as all safety requirements.


There are forty spaces in total for SA Time Attack entrants and this is divided into four groups of ten. Track time is precious for each competitor as they strategize warm up laps and hot laps to ensure the best chance of that one perfect lap and potentially winning their Class for the event.  During the competition, there will be plenty of areas located trackside and around the paddock area for you to observe the times that entrants are putting down. Observation points for the racing include multiple grandstands as well as trackside next to the fencing.

 SA Time Attack


When you first arrive at Mallala, you’re guaranteed to notice the paddock full of glistening cars that Slow Life have selected for their Show N Shine. As usual, you can count on the Slow Life Crew to bring some quality atmosphere with music and the broadcasting of car profiles throughout the afternoon and night. There will be plenty of prizes up for grabs for the cars on display. If you are looking to enter your car, the opportunity is now and you may even take home your own trophy!


As competition on the track heats up and the sun goes down, time attack entrants will get a break from racing. This is your opportunity to watch multiple professional South Australian drifters entertain the crowd as they take turns shredding turn one with their tandem entries. You will also be able to catch these cars up close in the pits when they’re off track.


Vendor Lane will be home to event sponsors such as WRX SA, Driven Motorsport, S&J Automotive and Custom Importz. Air Time Amusements will also be providing some entertainment in the form of arcade games. Take a stroll through the individual trade stands and buy yourself some merchandise while you’re there. You can have a chat with the Vendors about the important ways they provide to our South Australian automotive industry.



Most importantly, entry at the gate is FREE for spectators, no matter what time you arrive. There is ample parking on site as well as tidy toilet facilities and there will be food served all day and night out of the cafeteria.

Unlike previous years gates will open at 8am as the track is utilised for the Come N Try Session. This is open to anyone who would like to spend some time with expert drivers who will provide classroom and track demonstrations of techniques such as racing lines, braking points, speed and safety. Entrants get four sessions in their own cars out on the track. This is a great opportunity for people who aren’t ready to compete but are keen to try Mallala and get some quality track time and guidance.


9am – Come N Try

4pm – Twilight Time Attack competitors will be out for their first practice session

4pm – Vendor Lane will open to the public

4pm – The Slow Life Show N Shine commences

7pm – Drift Demo

9pm – Trophy presentations for the Show N Shine

10pm – Trophy presentations for Time Attack competitors

Hopefully, by this stage, you’ve decided on where you will be spending October 29th. Or you may even want to race, partake in Come N Try or enter the Show N Shine.

Please follow the links for more information:

SA Time Attack Entry (limited spaces) – https://www.cams.com.au/

Come N Try Entry (limited spaces) – https://www.cams.com.au/

Show N Shine Entry – http://www.slowlifeau.com/show-shine/

 SA Time Attack


Street Class – Must be original body shape, original engine type, original turbo type and standard suspension (no coilovers). Original interior and trims must be maintained, tyres must high performance street tyres and no wider than 265mm. If a Street Class entrant clocks a lap time below 1.20, they will be bumped up to Clubsprint Class.

Clubsprint Class – Must be original engine type. Original interior and trims must be maintained, tyres must be high performance street tyres and no wider than 265mm. Clubsprint Class entrants can however run coilovers and an upgraded turbo.

There are no “Supercars” permitted in the Street or Clubsprint Class. These are the Audi R8, any Ferrari or Lamborghini, the R35, or any Porsche besides the 924 or 944.

Open Class – Must have a cage and are allowed exterior body modifications, aftermarket sequential gearbox and paddle shifting (if factory). The Open Class entrants must use R compound tyres.

Lastly Pro Class – Unlimited engine and body modifications are allowed as is any type of suspension and transmission. The Pro Class entrants must use R compound tyres.


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