Megan and her Evo IX

Meet Megan – Our new Journalist!

Team SL are proud to introduce to you our latest resident journalist – everybody meet Megan!

Megan comes to us from an extensive background in the SA car scene – from a very young age, Megan’s loved her cars (many thanks to Gran Turismo) and that love has been spread across quite a few rides of her own! Having owned two ET Pulsars, a JDM-Spec VR4 Galant and now her unmistakable Evo IX; it’s safe to conclude that Megan’s a little partial towards Japanese rides!

Megan feels at home in the car scene – having picked up many friends along the way since heading out to club events and meets in her teens. She claims to get all warm and fuzzy over being able to rock up to a meet without having any friends with her, and soon see herself surrounded by like-minded enthusiasts!

Megan's Evo IX

Over the past ten years, Megan’s seen the local car scene evolve (and for the better)! She firmly believes the motorsport scene in SA is growing increasingly popular – so expect plenty of articles about it! In fact – Megan loves to get out there in her own car; participating at track days and time attacks whenever she can!

Megan is also a small business owner here in SA! She currently runs Yaruki Road – Sourcing and supplying OEM and aftermarket parts for local builds right here in Adelaide. She’s also well known for blogging and providing trackside support. “I am in the business of passion, performance and originality.” We couldn’t agree more, Megan! She loves to make use of her Journalism degree in writing some great articles (which you’ll be able to catch on our website) and applying her extensive customer service and marketing experience to making her business thrive!

Megan and her Evo IX

Megan has a strong connection with local performance workshop Driven Motorsport – having previously worked alongside Jon in building and growing the renown Evo & WRX specialist! The passion for these cars led to her finding her stunning Evo IX – which you’ll easily recognise at a meet near you with the ‘Yaruki’ banner proudly featured on her rear quarters! “My car is a huge part of my life. I am incredibly grateful for it and I am always out and about driving, hitting up meets, “hard parking” with my friends. It makes me incredibly happy.”

Megan's Evo IX

When not hanging out and living the life of the car scene – you’ll catch Megan at any of Adelaide’s widespread dessert bars – sampling new desserts and confectionery and satisfying her sweet tooth! She also loves a good movie or two (who doesn’t right?). She also loves spending time with her best friend Nos. Nos is possibly the coolest, Staffy you’ll ever meet – and he loves getting out in the car scene, too!

Megan is joining Team SL as our onboard journalist – so expect plenty of articles about motorsport, the car scene and perhaps some fine desserts too 😉 Be sure to say hello to Megan if you see her around!

Welcome aboard, Megan!!

Managing director of Slowlife and one of the original founding members. Passionate about all things Slowlife, and has been one of the minds behind Slowlife's events and media since 2014. Also owns a widebody tilty wheel car that struggles to get out of the driveway without scraping, and is often seen crying over doggo memes whilst on a caffeine binge.

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