Matsuri 10/10

Matsuri 10/10

Three times a year, Matsuri 10/10 rolls around at Mallala Motorsport Park. The event is a competition free, full day drift festival. All types compete throughout the day; from beaten-on drift bombs consisting of a working engine and a cage chassis, to fully worked competition cars. Though, whatever the vehicle, the combo stays the same – RWD, big power and zero f*cks.


The event is always a spectacle and arguably draws one of the largest crowds Mallala sees all year. With no shortage of spins, near misses, or the odd mishap, there’s always something exciting to see from the grandstand.


Whilst fairly short, the course provides a good amount of variety, with corners ranging from a short, tight chicane to a high speed, sweeping corner combo at corner 1 and 2. With classes rotating regularly, drivers, passengers, and the audience are ensured an action-packed day at the track.


The day is split into three classes: A, B, C. Each class varies in skill level ranging from drivers who have only had their car on the track a few times, to fairly seasoned drifters running some impressive machinery.


Really though, regardless of which class they’re in, every driver has the same aim – to leave the park with no in-tact tyres.


For those who might tyre of the track stuff, the skid pan offers a different type of excitement for viewers. Two drivers take to the open tarmac ‘paddock’ and let rip. It’s here that drivers tend to ride bumper to bumper and chew through tyres, all the while making good use of rev limiters and straight pipes.


This time around, Matsuri had a special appearance from Zander Uren. A single father, Zander has been recently diagnosed with an aggressive and rare form of stomach cancer.  To learn more about Zander’s story and help support him and his family, visit his Facebook page and GoFundMe. You’ll be able to read more about Zander’s fight and story in another article coming soon.


The track isn’t the only place you’ll see some nice cars at Matsuri. Almost a car show in itself, it’s not hard to find yourself wandering through the carpark and admiring some of the quality that turns up. Some cars make it too easy to spend a large portion of the day just looking at people’s pride and joy. This e46 M3 was a personal highlight of the day, the perfect mix of subtlety and aggression.


The next Matsuri event at Mallala is September 10th. If you’ve not been to one before and drifting is something you’re into, then it’s definitely not an event you want to miss.


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