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Early Morning Bliss: Cars & Coffee Blackwood Warms Up a Cold June

Okay, so I’m not one to get out of bed early on a Sunday. Actually, I’m not really one to get out of bed on a Sunday full stop. I sleep in for work three out of five days each week, I miss one and a half hours’ worth of alarms, I fail to acknowledge anything except my pillow until my boss calls me asking me where I am. It’s just me, I can’t help it, I’m sorry. However, I appear to be experiencing this odd phenomena called ‘Cars and Coffee Syndrome’; a condition which sees me up, ready, and keen to leave the house before 7:30… On a Sunday. Weird, right? This month, the Slowlife team ventured up the hill to this month’s edition of Cars and Coffee Blackwood, and oh my, was it a beauty.

For what’s been a considerably cold June, it was surprisingly okay this morning! Sure, my car was covered by a thick layer of dew and I was terrified to leave the warm confines of the shower, but it wasn’t unbearable. A strong sunrise and minimal breeze made it to be a rather pleasant and picturesque experience whilst walking around and admiring this month’s assortment of classic, unique, rare and modern cars. We actually arrived early this time round; getting to the Woolworths Blackwood car park just after 7:30 to an already-filling car park. It was the first outing for the latest addition to the SL garage – our Rocket Bunny kitted GT86 (we made it into the driveway without losing any lower chassis components so that was a plus), and we were beyond surprised when we were presented with the Car of the Month award by the Tyrepower Blackwood and C&C team, so THANK YOU guys!

The cars this month were of course the usual assortment of somewhat desirable ‘dream car’ types including classics such as factory condition Jaguar E-Types, vintage Japanese classics (’71 Celica, anyone?), exotic dream cars and a mixture of European, JDM and Aussie favourites. The diversity is simply awe-inspiring, and we’re always left wondering how on earth this managed to become such a thing in the first place. However this monthly meet is working, it’s working. We were blown away by the sheer attendance, atmosphere, and passion for cars of all shapes, ages and sizes. Speaking of size – we saw what was possibly the most terrifying Ford Ranger storm into the car park in a way which we would equate to an elephant springing upon a group of mice – GVM upgrades look like so much fun!

Regardless of your taste in cars; there’s always something for you at Cars and Coffee Blackwood. Out of all the C&C events in Adelaide, we’ll have to label this one as the ‘big daddy’ of them all. We get it that it’s hard to get out of bed on a Sunday, and this is coming from somebody who can’t even wake up for Christmas morning, but we’re telling you right now that it’s one hundred percent, most definitely worth it.

Enjoy the photos from our very own Rapture Media, and please direct yourself to the Cars & Coffee Blackwood facebook page to fill yourself in on the July event. We’ve already set our alarms.



Images by Rapture Media


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