Cars & Coffee Blackwood – January 2017

I’m not generally one to wake up at any point before midday on a Sunday (I generally spend my Saturday nights hard-parking like an edgy car scene kid in shopping centre car parks until the early hours) and nine times out of ten, I barely leave the house altogether! However, there’s an event which has amassed a reputation for getting not only myself; but hundreds of Adelaide car enthusiasts at the early hours of the last Sunday of every month – the monthly ‘Cars & Coffee‘ event held in Blackwood.


Nowadays, there are numerous cars and coffee-related events (namely Any Given Reason and Speed Nation‘s events, which are also brilliant, mind you), but the vibe that I feel at this particular event is like no other. Generally, if you catch me at any point on a Sunday morning I’ll either be hung over, half asleep, disheveled or generally grumpy, but I was buzzing at this morning’s event – not so much due to the copious quantities of caffeine I’d recently consumed, but because of the sheer quantity of quality cars. This is no ordinary meet – if somebody could please tell me where to find a monthly meet which sees a McLaren and a factory-spec Jaguar E-Type parked side-by-side, then please, please do! Classics, exotics, JDM legends, American muscle… If it’s quality, then it’s here.

Admittedly, this was my first Cars & Coffee event in quite some time. I had missed the past six months’ worth due to my hopeless ability to a) wake up and b) remain awake for any more than five minutes at 8am on a Sunday morning. Car flooded the nearby streets as the Woolworths parking facilities overflowed – my initial thoughts were that perhaps this event has reached such a grand scale that a change in venue could very well be on the cars to accommodate the additional numbers!


It was also a great opportunity to catch up with and have a coffee with all of my car-related friends. It was nonetheless a social event not simply about the cars – who else thinks eggs benedict and a double-shot hazelnut latte with some mates is a solid way to kick off your Sunday!? I spent more time socialising than I did taking photos, and I’ve been left looking forward to the next event.

For now, enjoy some of the images I managed to snap down at Blackwood this morning. The morning sun makes for some great shots, and it’s most certainly a photographer’s paradise. PErfect weather, perfect cars, perfect people, perfect vibe.

Now, back to bed I go!


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