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Burger Meet Seven: The Best Way to See Off 2017

There are many ways to spend the final weekend of the year… Travelling away from the city, spending time with your family, crying yourself to sleep over how little weight you lost over the past year, or getting completely f**k-eyed to forget the year that’s gone by. Our way to spend our final Saturday evening for 2017 was at Any Given Reason‘s annual ‘Burger Meet‘ – the seventh, in fact. It ticked many boxes for us – we got away from the city, we spent it with those we loved most, and we got to experience one of the most exclusive and premier automotive lifestyle experiences of the year.

Any Given Reason is a team dedicated to blogging about the automotive lifestyle that we have all come to know and love. Each year, their ‘Burger Meet‘ has grown to become what we would have to say is one of our highlights of the year. It’s the kind of meet we only dream of hosting, and we couldn’t capture a more perfect atmosphere. A diverse range of classic, rare, exotic, vintage, JDM, European, Muscle…. Yeah, basically any car you can think of; accompanied by vast fields surrounded by vineyards in a picturesque McLaren Vale sunset. It’s not something we can all pull off with such extravagance, and it’s why we have this event penciled into our calendar before it’s even announced. This year’s event fell on December 30th – the final Saturday evening of 2017. As far as our new year celebrations went – we had more of a good time at McLaren Vale than we did on our actual NYE celebrations.

The event kicked off at 6pm. The Slowlife team traveled in a pack and arrived to a well-organised gate staff who guided us to park in the fields surrounding the prestigious Penny’s Hill winery. This venue has seen the Burger Meet for the past number of years, and we can see why. The sunset atmosphere alongside plains of vineyards just makes for a somewhat ‘posh’ automotive experience. Live acoustic and vocal music (no DJ doof-doof here, kids) in combination with wine tasting and mouth-watering gourmet burgers packed with local produce was definitely a solid way to establish an atmosphere which really makes you feel like you’re part of something special. Really – we didn’t want the sun to set. We wanted it to keep going all night long.

The selection of cars was just superb. We’d list what we saw but the range was simply too diverse for us to even know where to begin. There was no segregation at this event, either; you could see a Mazda MX5 parked alongside a Porsche 911, or a Mach 1 Mustang alongside an Audi R8. It was diversity in its purest form, and it really was an event where South Australia’s automotive community came together as one to celebrate their passion, and the year that has gone by.

The Burger Meet also saw the release of something new to Adelaide (and the rest of the world) – Sports Car Safari. A quarterly automotive journal dedicated to the life of the enthusiast, capturing all elements of the automotive lifestyle, old and new. The creation of Any Given Reason’s founder Andrew Coles; we’re excited to see some local automotive print media hit the Adelaide streets, as everything seems to be digitized and online nowadays. We took a copy home with us, and we were beyond impressed with the content! If you missed out on grabbing a copy of Sports Car Safari, you can grab copies in Adelaide for free from Robbie’s Chop Shop, Richmonds, The Winehouse and Penny’s Hill (while copies last). We’re working on trying to get some available at our events, too!

Well there you have it – another year, another burger meet, and another album packed with some gorgeous cars. To the AGR team, we thank you for bringing together another year of the Burger Meet. We eagerly await the eighth installment! Until then, enjoy the images below and check out our resident photographer Rapture Media‘s album here.




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