New All Japan Day Logo

All Japan Day Has a New Logo!

All Japan Day has almost become a bit of a tradition for us here at Slow Life. AJD was the day that most of our crew first met each other back in 2014, and it was the day that we filmed our first ever production! If you’re looking for a good #throwback or a solid cringe or two at our professional filming skills, see it below…

This year’s AJD was totally amazing (as always)… It’s come a long way since its first show in 2008! Hundreds of incredible JDM cars, post-AJD sunburn feels and a turnout of 8-10,000 people to check out all the action. This has got to be one of our favourite days of the year now! What’s REALLY exciting though; is the fact that not only has AJD managed to release a new logo; but it was designed by our very own Tom Goldcoch! Tom’s been our graphic designer (and photographer/media mastermind) since the inception of Slow Life back in 2014, and we’re so proud of him for giving AJD a whole new look for 2017!

New All Japan Day Logo

For reference, here’s the old logo below:

Old All Japan Day Logo

We look forward to catching this year’s official All Japan Day film that Tim Towie Films is currently working on – if it’s anything like last year; we’re in for a treat!

All Japan Day 2016

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