ALL EURO DAY 2018: Bigger, Bolder, Brilliant

The sun was out, the temperature was up, it was a day reminiscent of its inaugural event in 2016. However, the temperature was far from the hottest thing in Glenelg as the third annual All Euro Day hit Wigley Reserve in South Australia. Stemming from the roots of All Japan Day; now one of the biggest annual events on the SA car show calendar, its European counterpart continues to step it up each year, and this year was (definitely) no exception.

With a collection of cars that are rarely seen out on the public road, let alone side by side or up so close in the one venue, it truly is a unique event not to be missed. Let’s take a look at just some of the hundreds of stunning vehicles on show.


By 9:30am, a majority of the entries had already arrived and were doing their final wipe over before the 10am scheduled starting time, and it was shaping up to be just as successful as last years. We were thinking to ourselves, how much the quality of entries had been stepped up compared to previous years, and that was before a convoy of Lamborghinis and McLarens featuring matching Huracans arrived!

As 10am hit, the foot traffic came in droves! The combination of a third successful year, and a warm sunny day by the beach made for the busiest All Euro Day we had seen so far.

It looked as if almost every European brand had presence this year, from modern to classic, daily drive to exotic supercar, showroom condition to tastefully modified. In among all the daily drivers, garage hideaways and even drift machines, Mercedes Benz Unley had centre stage, with a C43 AMG, CLS450, and the beautiful AMG GTC (which hasn’t aged a day since its coupe launch in 2015) all on display for people to dream over.

There were a few fan favourites on the day, which definitely stuck out awash in an ocean of exotics. The latest creation to come from renown SA workshop GU Auto Concepts was on show; wide-body BMW E30 drift build owned by Instagram user Svenmate was front and centre (we drooled just a little over this one); and hidden away at the back was an immaculate Maserati Sebring that oozed class and had people of all ages staring in awe.

Honours for the quirkiest car went without hesitation to a BMW Isetta, which had been resurrected from the rust graves to a showroom condition example of one of the most unique European cars going around.

As the day wore on and the temperature continued to rise, the crowds didn’t die for the third installment of AED. It’s no surprise that this event will continue to grow year after year, and if this year is anything to go by, the quality of the cars on show will continue to be the big selling point for this event as a spectator.

On behalf of the Slowlife team, I would like to thank Kristian Appelt and his committed team of volunteers who make this event possible. This is one of my favourite events on the annual calendar, and it wouldn’t be possible without the volunteer power behind it! Seriously – thanks, guys. You absolutely nailed it, and you’ve left us excited for next year.

For European car owners wanting to enter a car show which is absolutely perfect for European cars, however, do not miss our greatest show of the year – SlowCase 2019. Hosted in the picturesque setting of the McLaren Vale wine region; our Concours D’Elegance themed event is upmarket and screams Euro. Find out more about the highly anticipated 2019 event here.



Photographer: J March Photography