2017: A Year in Review

As we sit looking back at our year, we realise just how much can actually happen in 365 days. 2017 was both kind and cruel to Slowlife, and it’s admittedly been the toughest year yet for our crew. We lost some team members, we gained some new ones, and we made some life-long friends who we can’t thank enough. Oh, and we hosted some kick-ass meets, saw some insane builds, traveled across the country and just did a lot of fun stuff, really. Oh, and re-branded. S**t, we actually did a fair bit. All things considered – we’re doing pretty good, and we couldn’t be more excited to hit 2018 running.

Let’s look back at some of the things we did this year:



Our first event for 2017 fell on the 7th of January at Woodcroft Plaza. We were contacted by the brother-in-law for a gentleman by the name of Dave. Dave suffers from a debilitating health condition and has very little time left to live. Dave loves his cars, and is scheduled to be married in his remaining days. It was a request of his brother-in-law to host a meet in Woodcroft for Dave. Out in show was Dave’s favourite car – A Ford GT-HO, plus numerous other feature cars. Live musical entertainment was provided by James Jimmybay Hall, and a sausage sizzle was provided to help raise some extra money for Dave’s wedding that Sunday. Dave was overwhelmed by the event, and he got to experience a ride in his dream car and his dream wedding as well. It broke our hearts to hear that he passed away a short time after. It’s humbling to see the car community come together to help those who are struggling, and that’s one of the things we love most about the scene.


Slowlife Saturdays was our intended monthly event to see us through the year. Of course, not all things go to plan, and the event lasted for two meets (February and March) at IKEA Adelaide. Each event celebrated the heritage of a particular model of car; the first being Nissan’s GT-R (amassing in excess of 25 in the one place) and the second celebrating the rivalry between Mitsubishi’s Evolution and Subaru’s WRX. We saw thousands turn out to these events, and we think it hit us then that Slowlife really has grown into something way more than what we ever imagined it would.


We hosted an open day at Exhaust Technology to showcase their products and services to the automotive community. Our ‘Slow Sessions’ events were intended to draw the car scene to a local business to showcase local talent and promote the terrific people who keep our cars running. Our day at Exhaust Technology was a load of fun, and we even had some of our own cars up on the house having exhaust work undertaken! It was great to get up close and personal with Mark and the team and experience what they do first-hand.


Our mini meets are always a load of fun. Last minute notice, mystery location, and questionable turnouts always leave us wondering what to expect, but they’ve always turned out to be some of the greatest times of the year. It’s a chance for our crew to chill out, relax, and actually catch up with everybody and their rides as opposed to running an event. The relaxed vibe of the mini-meet goes unrivaled, and we can’t wait to host more in 2018! This year, we hosted four mini-meets. Let’s hope that we can top that number next year!


We’ve always loved showcasing premier builds and unique cars from around Adelaide, and this year we saw some spectacular cars. Our slowlife feature initiative was intended to bring three completely unrelated people together – a car owner, a photographer, and a model. We throw the three together, they collaborate, and they produce an unbeatable feature shoot. This year, we saw five features:

  •  Ash’s Hakosuka (Photographer TJB Photo & Model Charliie Simpson)
  •  Ben’s ‘Dapper’ E60 (Photographer The Digital Garage & Model Rachel Coleman)
  •  Matty’s JZX100 (Photographer Disturb The Peace & Model Nikola Skye)
  •  Geof’s Porsche 356 (Photographer Explosive Curiosity & Model Ramona Green)
  •  Vinh’s WRX (Photographer Rapture Media & Model Annaliese)

We couldn’t be more excited to carry on with our feature shoots for 2018 and showcase more builds from around Adelaide!


In mid December, we realised that we didn’t really have anything planned to see off the year. It was too late to properly plan a meet, and our team was all busy with Christmas functions and other commitments on our usual Saturday nights, so we decided to do something unheard of… We woke up before midday on a Sunday. Hard to believe, we know, but we managed to be up at 6am for an 8am start at the Adelaide Showground for our once-off ‘Cars and Caffeine’ event. It felt very much like a mini-meet, but a little less seedy than sitting in a dark car park in the middle of the night. The turnout was exceptional, the car diversity was applaudable, and we even made some new friends on the day as well! What a greater way to see off 2017 than to be with your crew in dodgy Christmas attire.


Our re-branding was something we weren’t expecting to do at the beginning of 2017. When the year began, we saw nothing but consistently delivering events and media on a monthly basis, and such a prosperous year ahead for our community. Of course, nothing ever goes to plan, and we unfortunately had to pull back towards the end of March. Many rumours about Slowlife and our team were spread throughout the year, and we’d like to take this opportunity to say that they were completely and irrevocably false. This is the first and only time we will publicly address this, as we are not becoming involved with any drama or nonsense which is entirely unnecessary to us and our mission to bring Adelaide’s car community together. We faced a serious defamation issue in March, which resulted in a lot of drama and upset within our team. Some of our team members departed us, including some founding members, and Slowlife slipped into the abyss with a very small team left to lead it through the year. It wasn’t until months later that some of the original team members returned, along with a few fresh faces, to bring Slowlife back. As we turned to a new page, we thought it necessary to change our look, too. A new look was born, and so was a new team. Slowlife is back in the game, and we’re full steam ahead to keep hosting meets and events throughout the entirety of 2018!


We saved the best ’til last. Ever since we started Slowlife in 2014, we dreamed of hosting our very own car show. We were always good at the meet thing, but we always had a dream on the horizon. When we re-branded, we thought to ourselves ‘f**k it, why not’ and made our dream a reality. Hosted within the Adelaide Showground adorned with food trucks, a stage, live entertainment and cars ‘a’ plenty – SlowCase was our dream brought to life, and we couldn’t be happier with how it went. In fact; SlowCase was so successful that we’re doing it again on January 13th (enter your car here)! Our team was back in full force, and it brought a tear to many of our eyes to see our team coming together once more after several months’ hiatus to deliver the best event we’ve ever planned. It wasn’t just the turnout or the quality that hit us – it was the hard working, devoted members of our team pulling together and coordinating something we had only ever dreamed of achieving.

Well there we have it. We never said this year was easy. We look back at some of these numbers – only four mini-meets, two Slowlife Saturdays, five feature shoots… Those numbers reflect the six months we spent on the back-burner with a broken team. That doesn’t matter though, because we still pulled those things off and we pulled our team back together at the same time. Every year has its ups and downs, and we’re just glad that we all sit here now, on New Years Eve, thinking back to how much of a rad time our team had last night (we decided to all get together for a pre-NYE celebration and cruise, chill, eat, and just relax in general) and how strong we have become this year. We’ve made some of the best friends that anybody could ever meet, and we’re never going to forget the times that we spent together. As for 2018..? Well, we’re already planning it, and it’s going to be epic. Come on, 2018, come at us with everything you’ve got, because we’re ready. Here’s to our amazing team members, here’s to our friends, here’s to Adelaide’s local businesses, the car community, and you. You’re the reason we’re here, and never forget that. We’re grateful for you.

See you in 2018, fam.

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