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SEPTTEMBER: The Event Lowdown

It’s been a while since our last major event… Unfortunately, we were out of puns for the majority of August, but we managed to pull through with ‘Automotive SmAUGUSTbord’ as a mini-meet for the month. However, what we really missed was having a really huge night of unique cars, coffee, food and fun! The team…

DCA Cover

DCA ‘King of the Hill’ Show & Shine Announced

Some may have noticed that there has not been a Slow Life event planned for August… Truth be told; we’ve been quite busy! This is the reason why… Team SL are proud to announce that we’re hosting the official Show & Shine at the upcoming Drift Challenge Australia event ‘King of the Hill’ this September!…

JULYke My Car Bru? – Event Wrap Up

Well July has seen Adelaide’s youth (and perhaps more-so the older generations too) cascade from the deep, dark depths of their homes and onto the streets – all out to catch them all. The Pokémon Go epidemic has well and truly settled in SA, and it’s been hard for Team SL to get off their…


HardJuned – Meet Wrap Up

June has brought many interesting things to the little city of Adelaide… Our university students are no doubt in a state of mental breakdown as they endure their exam preparation, the weather has gone to absolute sh*t for the majority of the month, and winter has well and truly set in. Admittedly; the Slow Life…

May The Downforce Be With you - Slow Life May Meet 2016

May The Downforce Be With You: Meet Wrap Up

What a night… Incredible cars, great people, unforgettable memories! ‘May The Downforce Be With You’ was our third meet for 2016, and we’re pretty confident in saying it was our best event yet. We saw some spectacular cars and experienced unprecedented numbers beyond the capacity of the car park! It was a great way to…

May The Downforce Be With You Banner

Our May Meet is Announced!

So one of the most exciting days every month for us here at Slow Life is the day we announce our upcoming meet details! Here’s the lowdown on the meet we have for this May; with possibly the most cringe-worthy title to hit 2K16 – ‘May the Downforce Be With You‘! The Meet Location We all…

April Spools Banner

April Spools (Meet Wrap Up)

With an even more cringe-worthy event title, ‘April Spools’ was a pretty great night! Once again at an all new location, April Spools was a load of fun! We were excited to try out the new rooftop parking facilities at Westfield West Lakes, and we weren’t disappointed! Although a few of you had a bit…

March Madness Banner

March Madness (Meet Wrap Up)

Well we’re pretty pleased to say that our first meet of 2016 went off with a bang! Check out our official video below (or on our youtube)! We took a few months off after Christmas to plan what we wanted to do with our events this year… And we decided that *drumroll* awful, punny names…