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Jack's TT Quattro

TIFFANY: Jack’s Audi TT Quattro

It feels somewhat strange to be writing a feature article about my own car, even somewhat biased, but I guess nobody knows and understands the love that’s gone into this car quite as much as I do. This TT was a long time coming; my love for the Audi TT started when I was just…

A small piece of Japan – Tom’s Mira Gino

We never received the Mira Gino in Australia, the closest we got was the Cuore, and that’s exactly how Tom’s unique looking Mira Gino started. The chassis is shared between the two cars but the Gino fits into Japan’s retro designed series of the early 2000s, consisting mainly of Kei cars like the Mira. The Mira…

Black Lamborghini Murcielago

BULL – Shaun’s Lamborghini Murcielago LP640-4

In the early hours of an overcast Sunday morning, a distinct rumble could be heard throughout the quiet streets of Adelaide’s Chinatown district. A team of our photographers – fuelled by a combination of energy drinks, coffee and McDonald’s, felt an unusual (if not slightly disturbing) level of excitement over the sound… After all; who…

Rocket Bunny 86

JJ’s Rocket Bunny 86

A few months ago, we brought you a feature shoot of the GU Auto Concepts Liberty Walk GTR. We also said we’d be keeping an eye on their future builds, and this is the next masterpiece to leave the workshop! Behold one of two Toyota 86 models to be fitted with the increasingly popular widebody…

Adelaide’s First Liberty Walk GT-R

Every so often in Adelaide, there’s one particular car that pops up and leaves us in awe. These cars are a needle in a haystack, and the GU Auto Concepts Liberty Walk GT-R is certainly that car. From its low-key unveiling at the GU Auto Concepts workshop a few weeks ago up until now; it’s…