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New All Japan Day Logo

All Japan Day Has a New Logo!

All Japan Day has almost become a bit of a tradition for us here at Slow Life. AJD was the day that most of our crew first met each other back in 2014, and it was the day that we filmed our first ever production! If you’re looking for a good #throwback or a solid…

April Spools Banner

April Spools (Meet Wrap Up)

With an even more cringe-worthy event title, ‘April Spools’ was a pretty great night! Once again at an all new location, April Spools was a load of fun! We were excited to try out the new rooftop parking facilities at Westfield West Lakes, and we weren’t disappointed! Although a few of you had a bit…

March Madness Banner

March Madness (Meet Wrap Up)

Well we’re pretty pleased to say that our first meet of 2016 went off with a bang! Check out our official video below (or on our youtube)! We took a few months off after Christmas to plan what we wanted to do with our events this year… And we decided that *drumroll* awful, punny names…

Rocket Bunny 86

JJ’s Rocket Bunny 86

A few months ago, we brought you a feature shoot of the GU Auto Concepts Liberty Walk GTR. We also said we’d be keeping an eye on their future builds, and this is the next masterpiece to leave the workshop! Behold one of two Toyota 86 models to be fitted with the increasingly popular widebody…

Adelaide’s First Liberty Walk GT-R

Every so often in Adelaide, there’s one particular car that pops up and leaves us in awe. These cars are a needle in a haystack, and the GU Auto Concepts Liberty Walk GT-R is certainly that car. From its low-key unveiling at the GU Auto Concepts workshop a few weeks ago up until now; it’s…