Welcome to Slow Life!

Slow Life is an automotive events and media organization located in Adelaide, South Australia.

Slow Life was founded in Adelaide in March 2014 by a group of friends with a like-minded passion for car culture. They were tired of the ‘hoon’ culture surrounding the car scene, and wanted to bring car enthusiasts together; not to race or to ‘live life in the fast lane’, but to slow down and appreciate the beauty and love within the local car culture, and bring back the respect it deserves. The people and the community are just as important as the cars, and it’s this mutual passion which brings thousands together around the world.

Slow Life believes that all cars deserve respect – It doesn’t matter whether it’s JDM, euro, muscle, exotic or a motorcycle. It doesn’t matter if it’s Japanese, British or American. It doesn’t matter if it’s modified or stock, and it certainly doesn’t matter how much it’s worth! All that matters is the love and passion enthusiasts share for their cars, and to Slow Life; that is the true meaning of a car culture. Slow Life offer a range of events around Adelaide on a monthly basis, and intend on bringing official SL events to cities around Australia! The events offered by Slow life range from official meets (held monthly in Adelaide), show & shines, ‘mini’ meets, and meets for specific makes and models of vehicle. Anybody is welcome at a Slow Life event – we love to meet likeminded car enthusiasts and share our passion with you.

Slow Life also offers media solutions for automotive events and culture around Adelaide. Our highly skilled film and photography team offer short film productions and photography solutions for automotive events around South Australia ranging from track days, car meets and car shows. We also offer private photography and film sessions – feel free to contact us if you wish to arrange a photographer or film specialist for your vehicle!

You may be wondering what the ‘Slow Life’ means. The Slow Life is a lifestyle. It represents moving away from the ‘fast lane’ and slowing down to truly appreciate the love, companionship and community surrounding car culture. Living the Slow Life is loving your car, and loving the people you meet along the day – the people who share your passion and stick with you united every step of the way! So what are you waiting for? Get interactive! Tell us all about your ride. Come to our events and meet some like-minded enthusiasts.

Join us in recreating car culture – live the Slow Life.

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